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Архив [WP] VFB Pro + Add-Ons (плагин форм + аддоны для рассылок)

Тема в разделе "Неактивные складчины (архив)", создана пользователем d0ct0r, 5 окт 2015.

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  1. d0ct0r

    d0ct0r Команда форума

    [WP] VFB Pro + Add-Ons (плагин форм + аддоны для рассылок)​

    Интеграция с PayPal и популярными сервисами рассылок
    Developer Bundle
    Безлимитное количество доменов

    Многофункциональный плагин форм с коллекцией дополнений.

    - Easy Interface
    - Rock Solid Validation
    - Form Fields
    - Email Designer
    - Upload Attachments
    - Data Migration
    - Entries Management
    - SPAM Verification
    - Rules Builder
    - Import and Export
    - Fully Responsive
    - Unlimited Use
    - Automatic Updates
    - Drag & Drop
    - Multiple Confirmation Options
    - Autoresponder
    - Templating System
    - Bulk Add Options
    - Scheduling
    - Limit Form Entries
    - Save Form State
    - Advanced Validation Settings
    - GPLv2 LicenseАддоны:
    1) Create Post
    Easily create a WordPress post with your forms. Gain access to six new field items: Post Title, Post Content, Post Excerpt, Post Category, Post Tag, and Custom Field.

    2) Form Designer
    With the Form Designer add-on, customizing the design of your form is quick, easy, and doesn't require any code. Create custom designs for each form based on your settings.

    3) Payments
    Looking to sell more than one item? The Payments add-on allows you to sell multiple items, subscriptions, and even display a running total of your cart. PayPal Standard only (for now).

    4) Notifications
    Connect your forms with a number of third-party services such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Highrise, and FreshBooks after new form submissions. You can even send yourself an SMS notification to your mobile device!

    5) Display Entries
    With the Display Entries add-on you can now show off your entries with the ease of checking a few boxes. Build tables that are fully sortable, filterable, and searchable.

    6) Create User
    Wish you could go ahead and create a WordPress user when someone submits a form? Create a form and watch as user sign-ups are now a piece of cake.

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