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Архив [udemy] SAP ABAP Enhancements

Тема в разделе "Неактивные складчины (архив)", создана пользователем InfoNews, 20 сен 2014.

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    SAP ABAP Enhancements
    All you need to know about SAP ABAP Enhancements

    By the completion of this course, the participants will have well versed with:

    • ·Understanding the fundamental idea of the Enhancement

      ·Reduce TCO by using enhancement technologies instead of modifications

      ·Enhance SAP standard objects

      ·Understand how Enhancement definitions are created
    Enhancement points are basically hooks at certain defined points within the ABAP code i.e. at the beginning and end of a FORM. These hooks allow you to attach your own custom code which will be executed as if it had been hard coded into the code using a modification. Unlike hard coded modifications these will not be lost during upgrade or patching exercises.

    There are 2 types of enhancements with the enhancement framework:

    1.Explicit enhancement points:These are basically hooks already coded into the program by SAP at various points of the code.
    2.Implicit enhancement points:These are basically points within ABAP code where an enhancement point is implied, and in which case can be created. Examples of implicit enhancement points are at the beginning and end of FORM’s, at the end of a program, include or function module etc

    Enhancement is used when you need to enhance the any standard SAP delivered functionality by introduced new code. There are certain ways to achieve the enhancements:

    • Core Modification – You obtain the access key by registering the object with SAP and make the necessary changes. This is more dangerous and thus least preferable among other techniques. What makes it more dangerous is when SAP provides any OSS note, or while upgrade, there is a great chance of losing the functionality if you don’t perform proper SPAU activities.
    • User Exits – You find SAP delivered Subroutines (PERFORM) which begins with USEREXIT_ in the std SAP programs. Those Subroutines would be collected in a program. To implement the user exit, you would need to also register the object once. They are little bit safer from upgrade point of view as they are in a separate include.
    • Customer Exits – You find SAP provided function exits with CALL CUSTOMER FUNCTION ‘001’. This would be a FM with an include. This include would not be delivered by SAP. If you need your new functionality, you need to create the include and implement your code. You would need to create Customer Enhancement Project in CMOD using the Enhancement which houses the Exit function SMOD.
    • BADI (Business Add Ins) – are the based on Object Oriented Concept. Similarly Std SAP would provide you the BADI calls. You would need to Create the BADI implementation based on the BADI definition. Then you can add your code in the implementation which is essentially a method in the class. You can implement the same BADI multiple times, if the BADI is multiple implementation.

    Курс на Английском!
    Добавлю от себя. Курс расширений сапа тема довольно специфичная. Не сложная, но по книгам или текстовым курсам её очень тяжело понять. Тут как раз тот случай что лучше 100 раз увидеть, чем один раз прочитать :)

    Курс стоит 99 usd.​
    Место орга не занимать! Оргну.​

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