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Архив Скрипт продажи недвижимости Drupal

Тема в разделе "Неактивные складчины (архив)", создана пользователем BlackMan, 31 май 2014.

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  1. BlackMan

    BlackMan Модератор

    Скрипт для организации портала по продаже недвижимости
    CMS Drupal
    Detailed list of features:
    • HTML5 and CSS3 Based.
    • Responsive Update Comming soon. All sites will be easy to update for free!
    • Super Easy Installation: "Next, next, next..." style. Based on an installation profile.
    • jQuery Home Slider with over 27 Effects each for your selected Properties
    • 2 Properties Browsing Views (Thumbnail and List View).
    • Compare up to 3 Properties on a third Property View.
    • Awesome contextual content edition once you get logged in as admin. Just like blocks behave, but with content.
    • Filter Search by Agent, Price, Property Type, Baths, Beds...
    • Detailed Property Page automatically generated for each Property.
    • WYSIWYG Text Editor for rich text formats
    • reCaptcha solution included for SPAM submissions
    • WEBForm based PropertyContact. Extensible, configurable and flexible for advanced customizations.
    • Property Sharing via +300 social media resources via Addthis including: Facebook, Twitter, Mail, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, etc.
    • Usability and UX enhancements: Friendly URLs, Breadcrumb Navigation, Contextual Content Edition, Social Media integration, Contextual Alternative Navigation Options and detailed Documentation.
    • Custom Blocks/Views Included:
      • Properties Slideshow (Home Page Block)
      • Google Map API v3 Home (Home Page Block)
      • Recent Properties (Home Page Block)
      • Featured Agents(Home Page Block)
      • Our Customers say... (Home Page Block)
      • Thumbnail Property Browser
      • List Property Browser
      • Compare Property Browser
      • Latest Properties (Footer Block)
      • Recently Built (Footer Block)
      • Cheapest Properties(Footer Block)
      • Search Again (Sidebar)
      • New Sale (Sidebar)
      • Featured Properties(Sidebar)
      • Other Properties by (Depending on the current Agent you're seeing)
      • Other PROPERTY TYPE Properties (Depending on the current Property Type you're seeing)
      • Tell Your Friends (Social Sharing of Properties on +300 Social Network resources)
    • Blog page and Articles content type
    • Fully Functional Contact Page
    • Views pagination.
    • Detailed documentation on "How to..."
    • SEO Friendly html code
    • Works in all major browsers: Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox 3.6, Google Chrome 12, Opera 10 & Safari 4 and their respective later versions.
    • HELP file also included in our support setup section
    • You can see a much more detailed list of features on the Theme Features page of the demos.
    Built on Drupal, so you know it's good :)
    • Drupal 7.x compatible
    • Compatibility (IE 8+, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome)
    • HTML5 & CSS3 code
    • And lots more!
    Drupal Modules Used
    • Automatic Node Title
    • Better Exposed Filters
    • Captcha
    • CKEditor
    • Chaos Tools Suite
    • Display Suite
    • Field Group
    • Field Slideshow
    • Flag
    • Font Your Face
    • IMCE
    • Location
    • LocationMap
    • Libraries
    • Menu Position
    • Multiblock
    • PathAuto
    • Quicktabs
    • Recaptcha
    • Session API
    • Social Media
    • Token
    • Views
    • Views Dependent Filters
    • Views Flag Refresh
    • Views Slideshow
    • WebForm
    • Widgets
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