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Архив Шикарный скрипт CPA(PPA) сети

Тема в разделе "Неактивные складчины (архив)", создана пользователем Солнышко, 4 май 2016.

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  1. Солнышко

    Солнышко Модератор

    With our CPA Network Script, you can take your business to the next level. Our script has all the features you need to run a successful CPA Network.


    No need to pay thousands of
    dollars to get a fully
    feature packed script

    • -
      • [​IMG]
        Full Settings Control​

        You can configure the script to your liking and change any settings (meta tag, email admin, the minimum cashout, auto-approve account or not, ...
        Full Publishers Control
        Edit, change anything related to your publishers (email, earnings balance, ...). See their transactions, ban them and access their account.
        Easy Cashout Payment
        Pay your publishers manually anyway you want and mark it paid in your admin or use the Paypal MassPay system to Mass Pay all your publishers with 1 click.
        Full Offers Control
        See how many clicks and leads the offers have. You can also edit the offers and change them (description, name, status, ...). You can also ban the offers you don't want.
        Get Offers with 1 click
        Need offers? We got you covered. With 1 click, fetch the best offers from AdworkMedia, Adgatemedia, CPALead, CPAGrip, BluetrackMedia and Adscendmedia.
        Leads Management
        You will have access to a full leads management system where you will see the leads with ip address, campaign id, date, ... + the ability to reverse the leads.​

        • Announcements-News

          You can create announcements- news and they will be displayed in the publisher panel.

          - Ban IP
          Any suspicious traffic from an IP?! You can ban any IP so it cannot access your site and offers.

          - Access to Link Locker
          Within the Admin Panel, you will be able to see what kind of link lockers your publishers created.

          - Easy Customization
          Our script is fully customizable in term of design. You can change the design and make your site unique.

          - Reversal Postbacks
          Any leads revoked in your CPA account will be automatically removed from the publishers' earnings by our script.

          - Message System
          You will be able to receive messages from publishers and mass email all your publishers at once

          General Features

          We are trying to make your experience with our script the smoothest possible. We are providing those additional features:

          New Update: Automatic Script Install ==> Upload the script, Set correct permissions and Set configuration data.


          • Easy Install
            The script is easy to install and comes with a detailed install-setup guide.

            - Reset License Tool
            You can change the domain where the script is installed anytime you want.

            - Knowledge Pages
            We have compiled a list of questions you may have and their answers.

          Publishers Panel Features
          We have worked hard to include all the best features you need to run a successful CPA site.

          • - [​IMG]
            Complete Statistics
            Your Publishers will get a full dashboard with all the information they need: performance stats, the monthly snapshot, quick stats,...

            - [​IMG]
            Full Campaigns Control
            Your Publishers will get a complete access to the offers and will be able to disable any offers they don't want. They can also filter the offers per country.

            - [​IMG]
            Offers API
            Your Publishers will get access to the API system so they can fetch the offers or download csv files for any use they may have.

            - [​IMG]
            Full Postback Service
            Like any serious CPA network, you will be able to offer Postback service to your publishers so they can use your network with their script.

            - [​IMG]
            Link Locker
            As an additional tool, your Publishers will be able to use the Link Locker system and lock their links. Each offer completed will unlock the link.

            - [​IMG]
            Content Locker
            In addition to direct linking and link locker, your publishers will be able to lock any pages on their sites with a content locker. Powerful tool.

          • - Several Payment Cycles
            Your publishers can get different payment cycles (set by admin): Net45, Net30, Net15, Weekly.

            - Live Stats
            Direct access to live stats in the dashboard on all pages with Today Earnings, # of Leads and EPC.

            - Ultimate Device Tracking
            Our unique system will display the correct offers for each device (Windows, Android, iOS,...).

            - Referral System
            Your Publishers will be able to refer new publishers to your network and earn commissions on their referrals' earnings.

            - Advertisers Account
            We have integrated the publisher-advertiser accounts in one account. Your publishers can buy advertising for their offers too.

            - Full Reports
            Your Publishers will get access to full reports: date, time, clicks, leads, revenue, conversion, Epc, and subid reports.

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