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Архив [Sap-press]Function Modules in ABAP

Тема в разделе "Неактивные складчины (архив)", создана пользователем Солнышко, 4 фев 2016.

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  1. Солнышко

    Солнышко Модератор

    Function Modules in ABAP
    A Quick Reference Guide
    written by https://www.sap-press.com/function-modules-in-abap_3340/author/
    Если вам нужна информация о том какие фм, бапи есть в системе, какие входные параметры и для чего они нужны то эта книга для Вас!.
    Удобный индекс чтобы найти нужную вам функцию.
    Формат электронный издательства.
    Язык Английский
    Whether you need more information about a particular function module or just want to see what’s out there, you’ve come to the right place. This book is packed with only the most-used function modules in the SAP system. Make your coding easier and view logic in a whole new way!

    • - Explore hundreds of the most commonly-used function modules in ABAP
      - Learn about each function module‘s purpose and parameters, and see an example of each
      - Navigate by category or use the index to easily find the function module you need
    In this book, you'll find:

    - The Most-Used Function Modules
    Find only what you need. After exhaustive research of where-used lists and Google hits, thousands of function modules have been narrowed down to hundreds of the most important and commonly used.

    - Topic Groupings
    Don’t know what you’re looking for? No problem. Function modules are grouped into different parts, based on usage and topics like authorizations, IDocs, and BAPIs.

    - User-Friendly Layout
    Information at a glance: Each function module contains a description, example, and list of parameters and their description for optimal use.

    - Extensive Index
    Looking for something specific? Search the index not only by function module name, but also by key word, functionality, related SAP program, and more.Highlights include:

    • - Basis systems
      - ABAP Data Dictionary
      - Data conversion
      - Transport Management System
      - ABAP List Viewer
      - Form printing
      - ALE, EDI, IDocs
      - Authorizations
      - Spools and jobs
      - Microsoft Office

    »This book definitely saves lots of time in ABAPers' coding!«
    Reader Review
    Tanmaya Gupta is a senior SAP consultant and an SAP ABAP developer working in a well-known organization in India.

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