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Скачать Rebecca Lily | Lightroom Presets and ACR Presets

Тема в разделе "Фото и видео", создана пользователем Солнышко, 23 янв 2016.

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  1. Солнышко

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    Set Description

    Pro Set III for Lightroom 4/5 and ACR 7/8 is designed for both professional and enthusiast photographers who shoot digital or a mix of film and digital, and who love a timeless, authentic color palette. Drawing on Rebecca’s years of experience and love for shooting film, Pro Set III creates a unique look that explores what might be possible if new film emulsions were still being produced. Pro Set III offers a professionally color graded product that can be applied to both RAW and JPG files with one click, enabling the photographer to achieve consistency and saving significant time in post production.

    These presets provide a variety of color effects to suit every occasion and style, from creamy vintage to pastel palettes, and also a fresh new collection of black and whites. Careful attention has been paid that while stunning in their effect, the results in themselves look natural and subtle. Skin tones are given a special beauty treatment throughout the set, maintaining a careful balance of color and brightness, and highlights are more light, airy and delicate. Advanced new techniques provide even more dimension and visual interest to your photos, emphasizing light, providing texture and preserving maximum detail.

    * 3 versions of each preset – to choose the strength of the effect.
    * Filmic light enhancement and glow – for emphasized light, dimension and luminosity, eliminating the “flat” look common in digital.
    * Clean, bright skin tones – minimizing retouch work.
    * Fresh, vibrant colors – yet subtle and natural.
    * Film-inspired rendition – delicate highlight and shadow treatment, carefully preserved detail and balanced contrasts.
    * Designed and extensively tested on all camera models including Canon, Nikon, Leica, Fuji, Sony, Hasselblad and Phase One.
    * Application for both RAW & JPG.
    * Both Lightroom 4/5 and ACR 7/8 versions included.

    The presets from Pro Set III are organized by effect: Black & White, Bright Color, Deep Color, Mid Color, and Pastel, making it easy to locate just the right preset for a session. The set includes 27 presets with 3 versions each. Version I is a base version, and Versions II and III progressively strengthen the effect. This gives you the ability to choose the level of the effect per image. The exceptions to this are the Tones and Kinfolk presets, which provide color variations over the three versions.

    Also included is a brand new Pro Set III toolkit with 44 tools, 23 of which are LR5 specific. The tools enable you to put a customized finishing touch on your image, such as a split tone (Creamy, Ice, Retro, Rose, or Sun) or a subtle tint. Using the tools, you can quickly make adjustments to sharpening, vignetting, grain, temperature, saturation, and additional highlight and shadow recovery. A Reset Presets tool enables you to conveniently reset all settings except for your crop, exposure and white balance adjustments.

    Pro Set III contains 125 presets: 60 color presets, 21 black and white presets, and 44 tools. For a complete list of included tools and presets, please scroll to the bottom of the page.
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