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Активно [raywenderlich] Machine Learning by Tutorials

Тема в разделе "Книги, аудиокниги", создана пользователем InfoNews, 22 сен 2018.

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  1. InfoNews

    InfoNews Местный БОТ Модератор

    Machine Learning by Tutorials​
    This book will get you started with machine learning on iOS and Apple devices. You’ll learn the basic concepts behind machine learning, then dive straight in and train your own models, code image recognition systems, learn how natural language processing works, build sequence classifiers and more!

    Форматы: pdf, epub
    Стоимость: $44.99
    Machine Learning by Tutorials

    Table of Content
    1. Machine Learning: iOS & You
    Before getting your hands dirty, let's look at machine learning from 10,000 ft. You'll learn what you can do with machine learning, what concepts such as deep learning really are, and what machine learning means for mobile devices.

    2. Getting Started with Image Classification
    Jump into machine learning by classifying healthy snacks from unhealthy ones, learning learn how to add models to a project and how you can use Core ML for classifying images from your device.

    3. Training the Image Classifier
    It's one thing to be given a model; it's a whole other to create your own. You'll learn how to use Create ML to create a model and how you can tune parameters for better classification.

    4. Getting Started with Python & Turi Create
    In this chapter, you'll set up a Python environment to use the tools of the trade when it comes to creating machine-learning models. You'll learn how to use Jupyter notebooks and Turi Create to tune and export models for Core ML.

    5. Digging Deeper into Turi Create
    Your models can always improve. You'll learn how to use transfer learning to train your model. You'll also learn how further tuning of parameters and increasing the number of iterations can affect your model.

    6. Training with Keras
    You've seen Create ML and you've seen Turi Create, now get ready to meet to Keras. In this chapter, you'll create your model from scratch using some of the lowest-level APIs available.

    7. Beyond Image Classification
    Image classification has many applications; however, the ability to also detect specific objects unlocks a whole host of possibilities. In this chapter, you'll learn how to perform localization, object detection and segmentation on images.

    8. Sequence Classification
    Machine Learning isn't limited to just images. In this chapter, you'll learn how you can take motion events from your device and use machine learning to identify the activity being performed.

    9. Sequence Predictions
    Imagine your device could accurately predict the future! OK, that might be a stretch but, in this chapter, you'll learn how you can use recurrent neural networks (RNNs) to predict the outcome of some event given a sequence of events.

    10. NLP Classification
    NLP classification has been popularized as a tool that can help categorize large bodies of text, such as identifying spam in your email or identifying related content from websites. In this chapter, you'll deep dive into training a model for use in a fun NLP classification project.

    11. Text-to-Text Transform
    If you can classify text using NLP classification, you can surely convert text as well, right? In this chapter, you'll learn the answer to that question by working on an example of how to do language translation between two languages.
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