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Архив [PrestaShop] One Page Checkout PS

Тема в разделе "Неактивные складчины (архив)", создана пользователем BlackMan, 31 май 2014.

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  1. BlackMan

    BlackMan Модератор

    Сразу говорю этот модуль не вот это: http://infostock.net/pages/yandex/?...restashop-1-5-Модуль-one-page-checkout.13300/
    Лично мне сабжевый модуль намного больше нравится по функционалу.

    One Page Checkout PS v1.3.3
    (автор: Jehyson Bustamante R.)

    Спойлер: Скриншоты


    Пишу коротко от себя:

    Модуль позволяет очень гибко настраивать интерфейс покупки товара:
    - делает возможным убрать практически любое поле, вопрос, вывод информации
    - отредактировать название разных полей

    . . короче говоря процесс покупки товара для клиента становится очень простым без лишнего заполнения полей и траты времени.

    Спойлер: Авторское описание на английском
    Does it increase the number of abandoned carts? Do your statistics show that users leave the buying process?

    Improve your sales results with this PrestaShop module that allows you to realize the purchases in the easiest way: in one step.

    "One Page Checkout PS" customer saves time when completing the purchase, accelerates the payment process and minimizesregistration fields to be completed by the customer.

    Easy and intuitive to use for users, saves time and minimizes the abandonment of cart. ¡Its sales will notice!


    • Require or remove fields in the registration of the purchase.
    • Easily change the name of the registration fields.
    • Assign default values to registration fields do not use.
    • Show or hide totals in the summary order is not required, eg "Total tax".
    • Show certain payment methods depending the carrier.
    • To change images of the payment methods.
    • Compatibility with the purchase without registration "Guest Checkout".
    • Option to hide the delivery address and invoice address for virtual products.
    • Option to register directly to customers additional groups.
    • Validate CIF / DNI / NIF of Spain before registration.
    • Option to place the same customer name in the delivery address or billing address to avoid repeating fields.
    • Option to automatically generate the password of your customers and send via email.
    • Now compatible with RESPONSIVE templates.


    • Simplification of steps for purchasing: a single page.
    • Display of shipping without prior registration depending on the province of destination.
    • Reducing cart abandonment rate.
    • Increased sales conversions.
    • Decrease the number of calls for not knowing their customers make the purchase.
    • Display summary Cart: summary of what you want to purchase, apply discount coupons, change quantities or remove products.
    • Update information for AJAX, without annoying page reloads.

    • Easy administration from your configuration panel.
    • Translatable to any language available on your PrestaShop.
    • Is adapted easily into any template of your shop, if it meets the standards of PrestaShop and is well built.


    • Make purchasing easy, quick and clear.
    • See shipping costs without registering.
    • Modify the quantity or remove products from your cart.
    • Trust and confidence to make the purchase.
    • Design clear and clean in order to avoid confusion.

    COMPATIBILITY (X is any number)

    • PrestaShop 1.4.X
    • PrestaShop 1.5.X

    Цена: 89 евро

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