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Архив [Prestashop] Модуль Advanced Search 4 - Best Module Award 2012

Тема в разделе "Неактивные складчины (архив)", создана пользователем BlackMan, 31 май 2014.

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  1. BlackMan

    BlackMan Модератор

    Премия за лучший модуль в 2012 году- Добавьте самую быструю поисковую систему. Расширенный поиск 4 позволяет искать по этапам, по фильтрам, по нескольким критериям и т.д.

    Описание на английском
    Types of available research:
    Advanced Search
    Multi-layered navigation
    Search by step
    Instant search
    Predefined Search optimised for your SEO

    Hooks availables:
    Top of page (hook top)
    Left column blocks (hook leftcolumn)
    Right column blocks (hook rightcolumn)

    SEO optimised page generator
    Search in stock products and combinations
    Full AJAX
    Compatible with the specific prices of PrestaShop 1.4
    Uses its own indexes for better performance
    Research on the mainstream product selection (filter mode)
    Search by price range (dynamic cursors)
    Multi-criteria searches
    Multi-Layered searches
    Multi Search Engines
    Advanced CSS editor with color-syntax
    Share search results
    Automatised re-indexation after product alteration, doable by CRON TASK and manualy per search engine

    Преимущества для продавца
    Indispensable tool for shops offering a wide selection of products.

    Advanced Search 4 lets you add as many search engines as you like and place them at different locations on your site.
    This module was developed in an effort to provide short loading times, even onlarge catalogs.
    Your visitors can browse products that match their search criteria, to make their purchases in minimal time.

    SEO Friendly
    This module features a revolution for your SEO !

    Advanced Search 4 will allow you to generate optimised mass pages of products for your SEO, without duplicating any content!
    Pick up your criteria on which you want to improve your SEO, validate them, and here you go with hundreds of pages listing your products, including: re-written URL, H1 tags, description, meta tags, automatised cross links...

    In order to maximise your reputation, results pages can be shared on most social places around the internet, and by mail.

    Преимущества для покупателя
    Each search engine can be configured with precision:
    Quick presentation (size, rich editor, backgrounds, margins ...)
    Advanced presentation (CSS editor built-in with syntax colors)
    Display number of results before starting the search
    Dynamic criteria
    Search criteria reminder
    Search criteria conservation over navigation
    Sort order preferences of search results
    Display only a selection of categories or products

    Each search criterion can also be configured:
    Orders preferences for criteria display
    Types of criteria available in several forms (dropdown menus, links, checkboxes, images)
    Allows selection of multiple criteria in a group
    Simultaneous display limit
    Search in stock products

    Ссылка на модуль
    Цена 199 евро​

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