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Архив Полный гид по альтернативному лечению рака (ENG)

Тема в разделе "Неактивные складчины (архив)", создана пользователем InfoNews, 24 сен 2014.

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  1. InfoNews

    InfoNews Модератор

    Полный гид по альтернативному лечению рака (ENG)

    Автор потратил 7 лет на поиски и собрал 350 способов альтернативного лечения рака, которые мы узнаем из книги "Полный гид по альтернативному лечению рака":
    • The delicious morning snack that cures your cancer. Simply take two-thirds of a cup of this yummy treat and add oil to it. But it MUST be this oil. Stir, enjoy, and kill your cancer! Page 23
    • The “Trojan horse” of cancer therapy. It tricks cancer cells into gobbling up more toxic chemotherapy. As a result you use lower doses of chemo and avoid nasty side effects. Page 289.
    • Quick fix to prevent cancer--with a can of juice! Proven in study to decrease liver cancer by 50%. Just be sure to use this juice. Instantly raises your antioxidant blood levels by a whopping 92%! Page 114.
    • Easy cancer-fighting tonic. Just 5 drops of this clear liquid in distilled water every morning cured a 3-year old boy’s deadly cancer. Works by shutting down the substance feeding cancer cells and starves cancer to death. Page 264.
    • Способ лечения рака кожи с 99% успехом. Just add these two ingredients to a quart of water to create a powerful anti-cancer remedy. Page 346.
    • New electronic treatment “zaps” cancer cells. Research confirms painless treatment kills off 42% of cancer cells after just 24 hours. Takes just minutes! Complete details on page 383.
    • Eliminate cancer-causing toxins with this Native American tea. Helps restore the pancreas and liver to health so your cancer defenses naturally take over to destroy tumors. Page 50.
    • Natural compound kills all breast cancer cells in just 16 hours. Leaves healthy cells alone. Safe, non-toxic, and surprisingly inexpensive. Works best on aggressive, fast-growing cancers. Page 87.
    • Cancer-proof your body naturally. Cancer loves an acidic body. But a special type of salt raises pH levels to a natural alkaline state. Not only that, it rapidly shrinks tumor masses and erases cancer pain. Take it with this nutrient for best results. Page 321
    • And hundreds more cancer-curing treatments ...
    Берем подписку на 3 года, т.к. там есть вкусные бонусы (защита от рака на 99,4% и тропическое растение, которое лечит буквально все и многое другое)

    Стоимость: 90$



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