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Архив [Покер] Книги "Искусство покера" от mbml(Galvin Bay)

Тема в разделе "Неактивные складчины (архив)", создана пользователем Солнышко, 4 фев 2016.

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  1. Солнышко

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    The Art of Poker is a series of books covering key concepts on Poker in a light-hearted and easy to understand manner. Each book is filled with http://www.galvinbay.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/illustration.pngwhich poke fun at many common occurrences in the game of Poker.

    The first book is targeted towards newer players who are already familiar with the rules and terminology of No Limit Texas Hold’em. The second book is targeted towards players playing between NL10-NL50, and the third book is targeted towards players playing between NL25-NL100.

    .epub and .mobi formats are now available for all 3 books. Click on the books to find out more.

    The Art of Poker for Beginners
    Chapter 1: Getting Started
    Chapter 2: The Fundamental Theorem of Poker
    Chapter 3: The Reasons for Betting and Raising
    Chapter 4: The Reasons for Checking and Calling
    Chapter 5: Hand Categorization and Relative Hand Strength
    Chapter 6: A Solid Pre-Flop Strategy
    Chapter 7: Playing in Loose, Passive Games
    Chapter 8: Formulating Raising and Calling Ranges
    Chapter 9: The Advantages of Aggression
    Chapter 10: Basic Math Concepts
    Chapter 11: Bet-Sizing
    Chapter 12: A Simplified Post-Flop Strategy
    Chapter 13: Live Play – Tells, Tips and Rake
    Chapter 14: A Professional Mind-set
    Chapter 15: Common Mistakes and Misconceptions
    Chapter 16: Quizzes

    The Art of Poker for Intermediate Players

    Part 1 – General Concepts
    Chapter 1: Protection, Pot-control, Playability
    Chapter 2: Basic Statistics for Hold’em Manager
    Chapter 3: Exploiting Different Player Types

    Part 2 – Preflop Play
    Chapter 4: Preflop 3-bets
    Chapter 5: Blind Defence
    Chapter 6: Dealing with different Preflop sizes
    Chapter 7: Limp-re-raises

    Part 3 – Flop Play
    Chapter 8: Flop Continuation Bets
    Chapter 9: Checking as the PFR
    Chapter 10: Delayed Continuation bets
    Chapter 11: Flop Play Without the Initiative
    Chapter 12: Floating vs Bluff Raising
    Chapter 13: Stabbing at the Flop
    Chapter 14: Paired Flops

    Part 4 – Postflop Play
    Chapter 15: Firing the Second Barrel on the Turn
    Chapter 16: Bad Spots for Second Barrel Bluffs
    Chapter 17: Third Barrels and Bluff Catching on the River
    Chapter 18: Playing Draws
    Chapter 19: The Bet, Check, Bet Line
    Chapter 20: When the PFR checks in Multiway-pots
    Chapter 21: Thin Value Betting

    Part 5 – Miscellaneous
    Chapter 22: Playing Readless
    Chapter 23: Common Mistakes and Misconceptions, Optimising Play

    The Art of Poker for Advanced Players

    Part 1 – General Concepts

    Chapter 1: Combinatorics
    Chapter 2: Math of Decision-Making
    Chapter 3: Table Dynamics
    Chapter 4: Future Street Planning
    Chapter 5: Advanced Statistics for Hold’em Manager
    Chapter 6: Bluffing vs Value Betting
    Chapter 7: Deep Stack Play

    Part 2 – Pre-Flop Play

    Chapter 8: Squeezing and Back-raising
    Chapter 9: Countering Mid-Stackers
    Chapter 10: 4-bet pots
    Chapter 11: 5-bets
    Chapter 12: Facing a 3-bet in front of you

    Part 3 – Post-Flop Play

    Chapter 13: Post-Flop play in 3-bet pots
    Chapter 14: Flop Play – Checking as the Pre-Flop Raiser
    Chapter 15: Flop Play – Leading into the Pre-Flop Raiser
    Chapter 16: Turn Play – Turn Raises
    Chapter 17: River Play – Block Bets

    Part 4 – More Advanced Concepts

    Chapter 18: Blind Battles
    Chapter 19: Overbets
    Chapter 20: Turning Weak Made Hands into bluffs
    Chapter 21: Self-Analysis Exercises
    Chapter 22: The concept of Auto-profiting
    Chapter 23: A Game Theory Primer
    Chapter 24: Designing Preflop Ranges


    The Art of Poker for Beginners - 19$
    The Art of Poker for Intermediate Players - 29$
    The Art of Poker for Advanced Players - 59$
    Всего - 107$
    Автор:Galvin Bay

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