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Архив [PHP]phpDolphin - Social Network Platform

Тема в разделе "Неактивные складчины (архив)", создана пользователем BlackMan, 16 авг 2015.

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  1. BlackMan

    BlackMan Модератор

    Социальная платформа phpDolphin на подобие Facebook, с огромными возможностями!


    За два года платформа была продана 1680 раз. Рейтинг: 4.69. Скрипт адаптирован под мобильные устройства.

    User Features:

    • - Live Chat, Messages & Comments.
      - News Feed (Friends Activity): displays messages posted by friends, online friends, friends suggestions and more.
      - Timeline (Personal Feed): displays all the messages posted by the author (personal feed), online friends and more.
      - Profile (Public Timeline): Displays your public profile along with Events, Archieve, Places and more.
      - Messages (Chat): Displays your friends based on their last activity, showing both online and offline friends.
      - Photos: upload up to 9 images at a time, displayed as gallery (facebook like).
      - Events: Photos, Videos, Maps (Google Maps), Custom Locations, Movies, Songs, Games, Meals.
      - Likes for messages with latest avatars preview and total likes counter.
      - Share messages from other users on your timeline.
      - #hashtag in messages, comments and chat conversations.
      - Trending Topics: Top 5 trending topics on Feed/Timeline page and Top 10 Trending Topics on #hashtag search page.
      - Notifications Center: Get notifications (red notification with counter) from your friends when they: Like, Share, Comment, Chat and New Friends.
      - Block: Users can block other users preventing them from chatting with each other.
      - Profile Privacy: Public (everyone can see the profile), Semi-Private (only friends can see the page), Private only you can see the profile.
      - Sound Notifications for New Notifications & Messages (triggers only when the page is not focused).
      - Message Privacy: Public (available for public and semi-private profiles), Private (available only to the author).
      - Online Privacy: Appear Online (when available) or Always Offline.
      - Report: Messages and Comments.
      - E-mail Notifications: when someone post a comment on your message or like it.
      - Notifications when new messages are posted on Feed, Subscriptions and Profile pages.
      - Emoticons (smiles) in Messages, Comments and Chat.
      - Verified Profiles.
      - Password recovery by email or username.
      - Unified Search Box: Live search for #hashtags and users (by Usernames, Names and Emails) with filter for Males of Females genres.
      - Covers and avatars for user profiles
      - Retina Display Ready Responsive Design (optimized for iPhone 5 and other iOS devices)
      - Filters Messages: Events (Pictures, Music, Videos, etc) and Archives (by Months [Timeline]).
      - Filters Notifications: Messages, Comments, Likes, Chat conversations.
      - Ajaxed pagination sitewide.
      - Friends suggestions (for new users).
      - Add Social Profiles for: Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
      - Turn On/Off visual notifications for Likes, Comments, Shares, New Friends, and Chat conversations.
      - Turn On/Off e-mail notifications for Likes and Comments and New Friends.
      - Log-in: Users can use both usernames and emails to log-in into their accounts.
      - YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud (with playlist for profiles) players integration into messages.

    Script/Admin Features:

    • - Manage Users View, Edt, Verify, Delete Registerd Users.
      - Manage Reports View the reported messages/comments, mark them as safe or delete them.
      - Themes System (No PHP required and easy to understand system) – Activate or Deactivate themes.
      - Multi-Language System multi language platform with one file translation.
      - Modify the Time-Stamps format (4 types).
      - Turn On/Off mail notifications for registration, e-mail notifications for comments and likes (overrides user’s settings).
      - Change messages, comments, chat conversations per page.
      - Change the character limit per Post Message and Chat Message
      - Change the time interval for Notifications Center and Messages when to check for new notifications.
      - Change the time interval for Chat Conversations how often checks for new chat conversations.
      - Advanced statistics about User Registrations, Messages, Comments, Reported Messages & Comments, Likes.
      - Cache system for all images uploaded, that includes profile avatars, covers, and uploaded photos in messages.
      - Set the max. allowed image size for user’s profile.
      - Image file format allowed on user’s profile.
      - Set the max. allowed image size for upload in messages.
      - Image file format allowed in messages.
      - Option to censor words.
      - Manage reported messages (tweets).
      - 6 Ad units for specific places.
      - API to retrieve User Profile Details or latest 20 Messages of a User.

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