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Активно Перспектива в скетчинге (видеокурс) [eng]

Тема в разделе "Дизайн, графика", создана пользователем Нюша, 7 янв 2016.

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  1. Нюша

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    Складчина доступна для складчиков со статусом
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    Perspective for Sketchers

    with Stephanie Bower

    Learn three simple steps for quickly sketching scenes with accurate perspective, lifelike proportions and beautiful color.
    Easily sketch urban spaces and building interiors in perspective with lifetime access to online video lessons from urban sketcher and renowned instructor Stephanie Bower. Start by expanding your knowledge of foundational perspective sketching concepts. Build on these basics as Stephanie shows you how to simplify a building's facade so that it's easy to draw in detail. Gain confidence capturing different points of view as you learn how to draw from aerial, eye-level and worm's-eye vantage points. Ready to make complex scenes simple to sketch? Find out how using three easy steps. Move on to using watercolors to recreate the light, shade and shadow of your scene. Then, put your new skills to use sketching everything from interior spaces to bustling outdoor scenes.

    Lesson 1. Measuring Accurate Proportions 16:43
    Meet architectural illustrator Stephanie Bower and start learning how to apply basic perspective principles to your sketching. Ease into the process with head-on elevation views. Stephanie shows you how to quickly and accurately measure an object's proportions before blocking in simple shapes and details.

    Lesson 2. Building a Sketch in Layers 20:29
    Whether you're sketching the Taj Mahal, an ornate chateau or buildings in your hometown, Stephanie shares tips and tricks for effectively capturing the scene. Learn how to break a complex facade into basic geometric shapes. Then discover Stephanie's technique for adding multiple layers of detail.

    Lesson 3. Concepts of Perspective Space 23:24
    Deepen your understanding of perspective as you practice sketching locations from aerial, eye-level and worm's-eye vantage points. With Stephanie's expert guidance, you'll see how to achieve a sense of depth from a variety of perspectives using size, spacing and vanishing points.

    Lesson 4. Perspective Angles 22:32
    Feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of a scene? Stephanie demonstrates how to develop the basic foundation of a sketch in three easy steps. You'll also get detailed explanation on how to identify and work with one-point and two-point perspectives.

    Lesson 5. Using Watercolor 20:35
    Once you've finished your sketch, enliven your work by adding watercolor. Get tips on selecting the right paper, pencils, paints and brushes, then learn simple techniques for mixing colors while creating a classic color wheel. Plus, find out how to effectively portray shade and shadow with watercolor paints.

    Lesson 6. Location Sketching: Interior 13:31
    Go on location with Stephanie and practice drawing interior spaces using the techniques you've learned so far. You'll get step-by-step instruction along the way, from blocking in basic shapes and measuring for proportion to sketching smaller details and adding watercolor to complete the look.

    Lesson 7. Location Sketching: Streetscape 14:07
    Move outdoors and apply your perspective skills to a bustling streetscape. Stephanie guides you through the process as she demonstrates how to determine the vanishing point before sketching in the basic shapes of buildings and alleyways. Add layers of shading and detail, then apply watercolor for striking results!
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