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Скачать Perry Marshall, Mike Rhodes - Adwords Boot Camp 2015

Тема в разделе "Разные курсы", создана пользователем Солнышко, 20 янв 2016.

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    Dear Online Marketing Professional:

    If you have not received a comprehensive training on Google AdWords, you are burning money.

    If you just fling your doors and windows wide open this winter and crank up your furnace as high as it can go, you’ll waste less money on your heat bill than you’re paying right now in pure Google stupidity tax.

    The Big G l-o-v-e-s stupidity tax, like a German Shepherd loves ham sandwiches.

    And to keep up with Facebook and, in my opinion, to boost their own earnings, Google has been making a LOT of changes this year. If you don’t stay on top of them, those changes will steal your lunch money…and a lot more.

    If your AdWords chops aren’t state of the art..

    • - You feel the cold steel of the knife on your neck. You feel vulnerable because you know if bid prices went up another 15-20%, you’d be underwater. It terrifies you because you depend on that traffic. You feel the difference every time your Google traffic stops. Even when traffic stops for stupid reasons, like a credit card expiring.
      - Your Cost Per Click is way too high. Someone right next to you is paying 1/3 what you’re paying.
      - Your ads aren’t showing all the time (even though you think they are). This is called Impression Share and odds are your ads could show 2-4X as often as they do now. You’re losing traffic you don’t even know you’re eligible for.
      - You are overlooking key insights into your customers and your market. People who are searching Google are attempting to scratch itches that you *could* scratch if you knew what they were – but you don’t.
      - You hate playing the commodity game. Just another bidder in a sea of lead-hungry advertisers. Your positions erode every time one of your competitors goes in and optimizes his account. You fall further behind. The water rises a little more and pretty soon it’s up to your nose.
    We can fix all that in 8 webinars.

    If you want to make immediate, tangible, decisive progress and put your online business on a rock-solid foundation in just 9 weeks, AdWords Boot Camp is for you. In the webinars, you’ll receive the most thorough education we’ve ever offered covering every major aspect of Google AdWords. Even if you’re just getting started.

    You’ll get personal guidance and advice about your Google campaigns from a world-class expert.

    Bryan and I will give you new confidence in Pay Per Click. We wrote the world’s most popular books on AdWords. As far as we can tell, we’ve been inside at least 1,200 Google accounts, mentoring our students. Our hand-selected coaches have grown up in Planet Perry and sold millions of dollars of their own products with AdWords traffic.

    If you do the simple assignments, document your progress, and don’t improve your Google campaign performance by 30% at the very least I’ll give you your money back.

    Executive Summary:

    9-week online coaching program; 8 webinars covering all major aspects of Google AdWords

    price - 997 $ basic version для вас бесплатно

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    книга библия google adwords perry marshall

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