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Скачать [Opencart] NitroPack - Complete Web Performance Optimization Framework

Тема в разделе "OpenCart", создана пользователем Таточка, 12 мар 2015.

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    NitroPack - Complete Web Performance Optimization Framework

    Why choose our OpenCart - solutions?

    customers across the globe, 7000+ product purchases and more than 13000 downloads. Guaranteed support channel with homebuilt ticket support system and custom designed OpenCart forum. Join the fastest growing community of successful businesses enjoying our end-to-end - OpenCart solutions.

    What is NitroPack?

    NitroPack is the only Web Performance Optimization Framework. It is designed to boost your page loading speed, increase your SEO, SEM, enhance your Google and Yahoo rankings and improve overall user experience.

    Why is NitroPack better than other caches?

    NitroPack is a complete framework. Most cache tools on the market score well on some performance aims. However, NitroPack alleviates the need of purchasing, installing and setting multiple extensions and brings everything you will ever need to have a blazing fast OpenCart web site in one place. NitroPack comes with 6 unique for the market OpenCart features. With more than 30 features, Unparalleled Support, - Features, NitroPack is a perfect fit for Shared, Dedicated or Virtual Private Server.

    ✯ State of art Caching - The Fastest Page Cache, Database Cache, Browser Cache, Image Cache, System Cache
    ✯ Rock Solid Generic CDN/Amazon CloudFront/CloudFlare CDN Caching
    ✯ Minification, HTTP Compression and Smush.It Image optimization
    ✯ Integrated Google PageSpeed Report - Improve your low and high performing areas straight from your dashboard following the Nitro automatic recommendation steps.
    ✯ - Services - One click access to our bestselling and most requested web store optimizations, tailored for your specific OpenCart site needs.
    ✯ Sophisticated Admin - Bootstrapped, elegant and handy admin panel with easy access to a variety of settings requiring no coding skills
    ✯ More features coming soon

    What is inside the ZIP:

    ✯ Installation Instructions
    - From A to Z, on the necessary steps to install the module.
    Release Log - Here you will find information on all the changes and latest additions to the module.
    Upload - All the necessary files you need to upload. Please make sure you follow the Installation Instructions prior to copying the files.


    Q: Will NitroPack increase my Google PageSpeed?
    A: Yes. After using NitroPack your Google PageSpeed/YSlow and GTMetrix ranking will be improved, SEO, SEM will be increased, your page load time will be better, SEO and SEM will be benefitting and last but not least Google, Yahoo and Big page ranking will be improved. That's a lot of things, hope we did not forget to mention anything

    Q: I have already purchased another cache module(s) and its okay. Will I get better with yours? What is the feature(s) that distinguish NitroPack?
    A: 1) Integrated Google PageSpeed report from your dashboard
    2) Smush.IT
    3) Amazon CloudFront and CloudFlare S3
    4) One-click-custom - Services, that make a difference
    5) A really exciting feature that no other extension has is coming in the next version

    Q: Can I cache HTTPS pages?
    A: Yes.

    Q: When I enter my admin and go to the store front I am viewing an extra bar. Are my customers seeing it as well?
    A: No. The NitroPack bar is visible only for the admin.

    Q: Our website currently takes under 6 seconds to load and it takes 2 seconds for the server to respond (numbers are used as an example). Will the CDN integration (Amazon) decrease this load time, or is this still dependent on the actual hosting server?
    A: The load time depends on the connectivity of the client with the web server of the resource. Amazon has one of the best CDN services, which means that content serving should be faster than a standard web server. However, note that the web page itself is still served from your web server and if you have a slow connectivity, then this would affect the overall speed.

    Q: I see that the images, CSS files and JavaScript are also able to upload to the CDN, does it also server the template files such as product and category pages, or is this not needed??
    A: Only images, CSS and JS files can be synchronized with the CDN. The rest of the content needs to be rendered and served by your web server.

    Q: When I do modifications in the admin panel it does not appear in the front end. Why is that?
    A: NitroPack has a powerful page caching engine, which caches and serves the rendered HTML of your web pages. In this way NitroPack significantly reduces the MySQL queries as well as the PHP processing time.

    Q: I have a question that is not listed in the FAQ
    A: Our team will be more than happy to answer your question. You can get in touch with us on this link: Ask a question

    Демо: http://nitropack.demo.isenselabs.com/admin/index.php?route=tool/nitro
    Продажник: http://www.opencart.com/index.php?r...n/info&extension_id=12658&filter_search=nitro

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