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Архив [opencart] MultiScraper PRO - Загрузка и обновление товаров с любого магазина донора

Тема в разделе "Неактивные складчины (архив)", создана пользователем InfoNews, 25 сен 2014.

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  1. InfoNews

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    MultiScraper PRO - Загрузка и обновление товаров с любого магазина донора



    MultiScraper is the extension for automatic bulk product upload from any big market directly into your opencart store
    We developed this extension in such a way that creation of large high-grade store with lots of categories and products has become a matter of several weeks or even days.


    MultiScraper will grab all products you need step by step (product by product) and insert them into your opencart store.
    MultiScraper works via "Tasks" which you have to configure by yourself using MultiScraper user interface .
    MultiScraper able to process both listing urls and lists of separate product urls.
    MultiScraper is fully configurable, so it will process as intensive as you want.

    • unlimited number of tasks (instructions for grabbing)
    • whole listing or category grabbing in one task
    • switch ON/OFF for each particular task
    • set separate folder for product images scraped by particular instruction
    • auto refreshing all grabbed data
    • set both fixed and relative price margin of all products scraped by particular instruction ( for example, add 10% and$20 more to original price )
    • set donor market currency
    • Data capacity: up to 10000 products grabbed/daily (depending on your server capacity)
    • set auto SEO URL
    • user-friendly interface to create and edit tasks for MultiScraper
    • Interface Languages: ENGLISH, RUSSIAN
    • wide range of other settings

    ROADMAP for JULY 2014
    • grabbing options and attributes (sizes, colors etc)
    • invisible mode (list of proxy support)
    • 30+ most famous markets in one package
    • mobile interface
    will be lots of new features, just stay tuned
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