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Архив [Opencart] Менеджер задачь vQmod To Do List Task Manager Pro

Тема в разделе "Неактивные складчины (архив)", создана пользователем InfoNews, 25 сен 2014.

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  1. InfoNews

    InfoNews Модератор

    Модуль Менеджер задачь, позволяет создавать и распределять задачи внутри организации.
    Мэйлить участников и контролировать сроки!


    This module allows you ultilize tasks to manage your store in a more organized way. It records all changes made in a task and with a notify option checked sends mail notification to relevant people.

    • 6 months FREE Support included!
    • Easy to install / vQmod / no file overwritten
    • Comes with a widget on the top of the header showing the numbers of open, urgent and overdue tasks
    • Unlimited tasks can be added
    • CK editor utilized for task description
    • Tasks can be associated with an order
    • Add noticeable reminders for orders associated with tasks, which is displayed on the order list page and the order info page
    • Add a link to view & edit an associated order, if there is any, in the task viewing interface for easy order viewing and editing
    • 4 priority classes
    • Open and closed status for a task
    • Notification emails can be sent to creators or executants if tasks are created, updated or reassigned
    • Unlimited Notes can be added for a task for future reference
    • Colorbox quickview popups for task description, note and messages
    • Message system for better communication between creators and executants regarding a task
    • Email notification for new messages
    • Messages sent and received are stored and diplayed in the task viewing interface and can be view easily via a colorbox popup
    • Actions of editing or updating tasks are logged in detail and displayed as task histories in the task viewing interface
    • Advanced filter system to filter tasks
    • Task permission system included
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