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Активно [OpenCart 1.5.х-2.2.х] Serials & Keys, Pins & Codes Sale Extension

Тема в разделе "Программы, скрипты", создана пользователем Train, 24 сен 2016.

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  1. Train

    Train Администратор Команда форума

    Для продажи серийников, ключей, паролей через OPENCART
    Совместимость от 1.5.1 до


    ОПИСАНИЕ англ


    FOR OPENCART 2.3.x - and OPENCART 1.5.x -

    https://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/purchase&extension_id=15217 OpenCart Community • View topic - [RELEASED]:Serials & Keys, Pins & Codes Sale ExtensionYour Store

    Great tool which allows you to sell codes, keys, pins and other virtual products which have license.

    Video review

    Your Store

    Best solution to sell codes and to start your own digital business.


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      - The extension gives you ability to sell serials in your opencart store

      - Our script is made as module. Starting from version 5 it installs easy with the extension installer

      - The extension has serials management

      - Your customers will get additional section in customer’s account where will be placed all purchased serials and download links for them

      - A customer will get a link to serial keys page in an order email and in an updated status letter, when the order is paid (see documentation)

      - Admin will get automatically e-mail notifications if there is lack of serials in some product

      - Hourly restriction from buying, if you want to limit purchase from one email or IP (view demo)

    How does it work?

    Codes can be added into each product. When a customer purchases a code the stock reduces and a key sends to a customer’s email and into customer’s account.

    Within the codes it’s possible to add url links for every language. Let’s say you want to give a customer link to download a program. Thus, for every product and for every language it’s possible to add a link.

    Within the codes it’s possible to attach information page for every language. Let’s say you wrote a manual how to use a code and created information page in Opencart. With this functionality you can attach the page to a product.

    When customer purchases a code, if the product had both download link and information page, a customer will see the download link and url to info page in his account next to a key which was sold.

    Our extension automatically saves the stock quantity depends on how many codes you put. It automatically manages the stock and reduces when a code was sold or adds if order is canceled.

    When the product has less than 5 serials, admin will be notified by e-mail. Thus, you will be always updated about the stock you have. If you want to change value 5 to your number, it’s simple to add number in the shop’s settings.

    If you want due security to limit customers from buying, it’s possible to enable RESTRICT SHOPPING in the settings and define for how much hours to restrict from the previous purchase. If it was set 1 hour, a customer can’t buy anything from your store within 1 hour from the same email or IP address.

    This professional tool for selling codes will help you to build the strong business! Get a chance to start within few clicks!

    Update report:
    2016/05/10 - v. 5.0.1 for OC
    checkbox error fixed

    2016/03/17 - v. 5.0 for OC
    update for OC
    created as modification to install from admin

    2015/11/16 - v. 4.3 for OC
    codes stock control upgraded
    out of stock alert upgraded

    2015/08/18 - v. 4.2.2 for OC
    fixed releasing code for multilanguage store
    fixed output of codes in customer's account for multilanguage store

    fixed quantity error when it's empty value - v.4.2.1 for OC

    released new version of extension - v.4.2 for OC

    fixed errors in copy function

    fixed keys release for customers - for complete and processing config status stock reduces with keys,
    for other statuses keys are added back to product

    added info pages for serial key product with links in a customer account
    added languages for download links
    changed complete order letter - keys moved to a column right after the model

    released new version of the extension - v.4.0

    2015/01/20 - (version 4)
    - updated for OC 2.0.x
    - fixed bugs;
    - added functionality to send keys by email.

    released new version of the extension - v.3.0

    2014/03/12 (version 3)
    - fixed bugs;
    - updated for OC 1.5.6.x;
    - added restriction functionality.

    released new version of the extension - v.2.0

    2013/01/29 (version 2)
    - fixed a bug with a product when purchase 2 and more keys at once;
    - fixed admin and a customer e-mail, was added a link to serial keys account page;
    - added new feature - to restrict a customer from purchasing products again from his last buy, you can set how many hours to limit in admin;
    - added a new field in Settings - Mail where you can put a number when to notify admin about of lack of keys before they end.

    To see more extensions which can help you to improve your store, go to this link:
    OpenCart - Extensions


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