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Архив Music Window - Music & Video System (плеер как на одноклассниках)

Тема в разделе "Неактивные складчины (архив)", создана пользователем BlackMan, 16 авг 2015.

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  1. BlackMan

    BlackMan Модератор


    скрипт 1 в 1 как плеер музыки и видео в одноклассниках, смотрите демку и сами всё поймёте! есть ли русский язык увы не в курсе, также насчёт есть ли привязка, тоже не в курсе, думаю начнём собираться, а там по делу и будем решать по поводу лицензии и есть ли привязка... но сам скрипт хороший!

    Music Window allows you to organize and play your mp3 files, creating playlists, also you can view your friends playlist, songs and more. It’s responsive and compatible with all major browsers.


    Enable popups when:
    *upload music *create collection *add music to collection *delete collection *buy songs *edit songs *send feedback.


    • - Allows uploading multiple files.
      - Can edit all details of song if they are not available.
      - The user can use the history of music played for two months ago.
      - The songs can be sorted.
      - Purchasing a song, the user can download how many time he want on different devices.
      - If a green flag exists next to the “Play” button, it means that this song is also available for be purchased.
      - The videos can be displayed in the big layer popup if the user click on video icon else have been displayed onmouseover event or can be watched later.
      - The recommended section appears just in your own collections.
      - CSS transition for each event.
      - Create unlimited playlists and organize your tracks.
      - Show details about who sings on the left side bottom.
      - Setting zooming mode for the popup layer. (chrome)
      - Update the history order of each played song.
      - The green lamp turns on automatically when new songs are avalaible in your added collections.
      - Enabled background playing.
      - The radio stations are created by all genres of music.
      - The search is improved with suggestions.
      - Allows touchscreen for all iOS version.
      - Auto resizing by window height and width.
      - The navigation is enhanced with history pushstate so that it provides easy access to previous pages.
      - Can repeat the whole playlist or just a song.
      - Shuffle – Turn on / off.
      - The user can identfy the current playing song by one click on the “Now playing” button.
      - Loading more songs on scroll event
      - Live search in friends list
      - ... much more in http://vaneayoung.com/m_demo/.

    Продажник: http://codecanyon.net/item/music-window-music-video-system/10509228
    Демо: http://codecanyon.net/item/music-window-music-video-system/full_screen_preview/10509228
    Цена: 24$ и 120$ расширенная лицензия, какую брать будем вместе соображать, прикрепил ценик пока 20, потом подправим...

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