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Активно Модуль для создания мобильного приложения Android

Тема в разделе "Программы, скрипты", создана пользователем Train, 24 сен 2016.

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  1. Train

    Train Администратор Команда форума

    Модуль для создания мобильного приложения Android

    Mobile App for Android phone for Opencart

    Engage your customer with your personalised app for android mobile platform.

    Why your Business Need A Mobile App?

    The profusion of personal mobile devices has changed consumers’ expectations about access to information. We expect to be able to find details on products anytime, anywhere. People carry there mobile all the time. They scroll screen when travelling or when they are ideal. This is the time when they scroll various application installed on their mobile. If your application is there they will remember your shop. As we all know “Out of Site means Out of Mind.”

    ★ Mobile visitors can browse easier, faster and at their ease.
    ★ Get an edge over your competitors by tending to your mobile visitors. Many of the store owners are already using mobile applications to promote their business.
    ★Customer do not have to remember your website address.

    A must have extension for Opencart shop owner


    Compatible with 1.5.3 and above version of Opencart. (Please contact us for earlier version. We will get that sorted at no additional cost.)
    Works with all themes in opencart.
    Perform all activities as done on destop application.
    Mobile storefronts includes the same features, functionalities and details as your opencart web-store.
    No Separate back end management required.
    Real time Synchronization with your backend.
    With Push Notification

    Download demo from : Fashion Stylia - Shop Online - Android Apps on Google Playand compare with website to understand what you will get. Weblink:http://www.fashionstylia.com/

    Platforms available
    Android Phone

    Русский перевод получить можно переводчиком онлайн ))

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