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Архив Modern Web Application Development for Java Programmers (starts 07/27/2014)

Тема в разделе "Неактивные складчины (архив)", создана пользователем Volchek, 7 июн 2014.

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  1. Volchek

    Volchek Модератор

    Новый набор на курс Якова Фаина и его коллег. Курс на английском, но поскольку ведут русскоязычные товарищи - Фаин, Гамов, Моисеев - думаю проблем с пониманием не будет.

    We’ll spend about 50% of the time developing User Interface in HTML/AngularJS and 50% working on the server-side Java code. During the first half of the course sessions we’ll be working only with HTML, JavaScript and related libraries and frameworks. The Java-related topics are covered in the second part of this training.

    Требования к слушателям:
    Attendees should plan on committing about 15-20 hours a week for studying and working on the assignments from this course. We’ll split the class into small teams to work on the assignments during the week, so your contribution is required.

    Attendees must know basic HTML tags.

    We’ll be using Git version control system during this course.

    Attendees must have a working knowledge of core Java, and understanding of Java EE technologies.

    Course Outline

    • Unit 1. Creating a wireframe of the UI of the online auction. Developing and Debugging in HTML/JavaScript. Fast pace introduction to JavaScript. Intro to GIT/Github. Think mobile: Intro to Responsive Web Design. Mocking up the UI. Creating the first prototype of the auction in pure HTML/JavaScript/CSS. Configuring the auction project in IntelliJ IDEA. Styling with Bootstrap.

    • Unit 2. Intro to Google AngularJS framework. Configuring libraries in IntelliJ IDEA. Re-creating the first two pages of the auction app. Installing NPM and Grunt. Configuring Grunt.

    • Unit 3. Creating the second prototype of the UI with AngularJS. Scopes. Adding more tools: package management with Bower. Project scaffolding with Yeoman.

    • Unit 4. AngularJS framework in depth. Forms, REST interaction and custom reusable components. Mocking up server side with AngularJS.

    • Unit 5. Introducing Test-Driven Development in JavaScript. Test-driven is not test-first. Creating test scripts for models, views, controllers with Jasmine.js. JSON. REST. Creating the third prototype of the UI (consuming JSON from the server via HTTP protocol).
    The group will have a one week break for self study and catching up.

    • Unit 6. Java SE 8. Overview of the selected new features (lambda-expressions, Stream API, changes in Interfaces). Applying bulk operations on the collections of auctions items. Java build automation with Gradle. Test-Driven Development in Java.

    • Unit 7. Java EE 7. Overview of the new features. Creating the Java EE version of the server-side auction (JAX-RS, CDI). Intro to WebSockets (WebSocket API, JSR-356). Pushing the auction data to the client using WebSocket.

    • Unit 8. Intro to Java Messaging. JMS 2.0. JNDI. Bringing together REST, JMS, and WebSockets. messaging into the Auction application.

    • Unit 9. Intro to Spring Framework 4. Part 1. Dependency Injection, MVC, Boot. Replacing the Java EE based Auction with the Spring Framework's Auction.

    • Unit 10. Spring Framework 4. Part 2. Bringing together REST, messaging, and WebSockets usnig Spring framework in the Auction application. Integration with the auction UI.


    цена - $600, ставлю с небольшим запасом для страховки.

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