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Скачать LUSTROUS PRESET - Complete Collection for Lightroom

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    LUSTROUS PRESETS™ - Complete Collection for Lightroom


    The Complete Collection™ is Powder Room Retouch Brushes™ and The Fashion Collection™.

    With the variety and versatility of the presets included in this package, you’ll have every base covered when it comes to quick and easy photo editing in Lightroom. This super-set covers all your needs from basic to artistic. It’s like getting five sets in one, only better.

    The Fashion Collection™ of high-end looks and effects, combined with the best Lightroom retouching brushes around, Powder Room, will cover your every need. The definitive Lightroom collection!
    There are 49 (!) professional Lightroom presets included in the Fashion Film Collection™, plus 39 (!) adjustment and effect presets.

    The Fashion Film Collection™ will give your pictures the high-end, magazine fashion look you have been trying to reach, and the perfect film emulation for your digital photographs – classic Kodak, Fuji and Ilford looks are all achieved here with one click. Also included are faded & cross processed looks to suit every need and fancy, and special effects such as light flaresand dreamy, soft hazes.

    Utilizing everything from the soft & faded look to the modern & edgy, vibrant colors to muted pastels, and a selection of the perfect B&W’s that is guaranteed to satisfy your every need, this complete package will end up being the only preset set you will ever want to use.

    These presets are designed to work on many different photos and lighting situations including indoor and outdoor photos, JPEGs and RAWs, so be sure to experiment. There is something here for everyone! Compatible with all versions of Lightroom.

    49 Fashion & Beauty presets – From classic & faded to modern & bright, edgy & vintage to editorial & beauty.
    26 Adjustment Presets – Fill light, vignetting, sharpening, exposure correction, midtone booster, shadow boosters & lifters, highlights and color dimmers.

    13 Effect Presets – Light flares, HDR emulation, Hazes & graduated filters.

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