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Открыто Lightroom Presets Color & Focus and Local Adjustment package

Тема в разделе "Фото и видео", создана пользователем Нюша, 13 янв 2016.

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  1. Нюша

    Нюша Член Клуба

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    Всего 29 пресетов в двух пакетах.

    Color & Focus

    This package gives you two groups of presets to work with: Focus and Color. With focus you can use a few of my own presets I use for pop, and general contrast. With the color set you’ll be able to apply my typical color scheme based off the lighting conditions (Day, Shade, Cloudy, or Evening).
    The color set includes 4 presets to achieve my basic color scheme in different lighting conditions. They can be used however you wish. The Focus set gives you 10 different ways to get general focus on your subject. Together there are 14 presets in this package.

    Local Adjustment package

    For getting the details just right there is my Local Adjustment Presets. These will help bring out the details in your subject’s eyes, hair, and clothing. There are also presets for enhancing your bokeh, textures, and even stormy skies. There are also a couple of presets used that help create light tricks.

    There are a total of 15 presets in this package.

    Social Media Kit

    This kit is built to help you export your images for a few of the most popular social media sites. You have the choice to have the highest resolution, or to trim it down a bit to curtail photo theft. I typically just allow the high resolution social media posts since even if they were taken, they’re no where near print quality. However, the option is still there for you to make your own decision. For this package I felt it’d be best to let you decide how much you think it’s worth. So name your price!

    Install Video

    Need a little help with installing the presets? Here is a quick video showing you how to install the Focus/Color, Local Adjustments, and Social Media Export Kit. I also show you where you’ll be able to find them in Lightroom once you’ve installed them.

    Цена: 51$ (будет скорректирована с учетом курса и комиссии paypal)

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