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Скачать Laracasts комплект курсов.

Тема в разделе "Программирование", создана пользователем 51adv13, 21 авг 2016.

Скачать Laracasts комплект курсов. 5 5 1votes
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  1. 51adv13

    51adv13 Активный пользователь Участник

    Предлагаю Вашему вниманию полный (на конец 2015 года) сборник уроков по лучшему PHP-фреймворку Laravel 5.2 от Jeffrey Way с сайта laracasts.com.

    Уроки отличаются своей продуманностью и ясностью.
    Один из лучших скринкастов по PHP в целом.
    В целом порядка 19 Гб.
    Помимо Laravel в комплект входят отдельные курсы по PHP, JavaScript, CSS/LESS/SASS/Stylus и другим технологиям.
    Рекомендую для всех интересующихся веб-разработкой.

    Advanced Eloquent
    Be Awesome in PHPStorm
    Billing With Stripe
    Build Your First App
    Code Katas in PHP
    Commands and Domain Events
    Design Patterns in PHP
    Eloquent Techniques
    Git Me Some Version Control
    How to Build Command-Line Apps
    Incremental APIs
    Intermediate Laravel
    Intuitive Integration Testing
    Laravel 5 Fundamentals
    Laravel and the Front-end
    Laravel From Scratch
    Modern CSS Workflow
    Object-Oriented Bootcamp
    Painless Builds With Elixir
    PHP 7 Up and Running
    Real-time Laravel with Socket.io
    Search as a Service
    Server Management With Forge
    Simple Rules for Simpler Code
    SOLID Principles in PHP
    Sublime Text Mastery
    Testing Jargon
    The Lifecycle of a New Feature
    Understand Regular Expressions
    What's New in Laravel 5.1

    Отдельные Уроки:

    A Tour of the Laracasts Source
    Acceptance Testing With TDD
    Acceptance Testing
    Active States
    Advanced Selections
    All About Filters
    Arrays on Steroids
    Auth Essentials
    Authentication With GitHub
    Avoid Implicit Routing
    Awarding Experience
    Bash Bootstraps
    Basic Auth in 4 Minutes
    Beanstalkd Queues
    Better Error Tracking
    Broadcasting Events in Laravel 5
    Building User Profiles
    Cache Tags and Memcached
    Cache, Cookie, Session
    Caching Essentials
    Clean JavaScript With Browserify
    Coding With Intent
    Commander and Domain Events
    Commands 101
    Commands 201
    Continuous Integration With Travis
    Controller Cleanup
    Crazy Simple Pagination
    Crons and Commands
    CSRF Explained
    Custom Facades
    Customer Analysis With Trak
    Decoding Laravel's Magic
    Decorating Repositories
    Decorating Your Models
    Deploying Your App
    DI Containers
    Discussing Transports
    Easy Asset Management
    Easy Environments
    Easy HTTP Requests
    Efficient SQL Queries
    Email Verification
    Enforcement, Entities, and Eloquent
    Entities vs
    Event-Driven Code
    Exceptions Are Like Bodyguards
    Extracting Packages
    Facades Decoded
    Fast Testing in Vim
    Fast Workflow With Generators
    Faster Page Loads With Pjax
    File Uploads 101
    Flexible Flash Messages
    Foreign Constraints
    Form Macros for the Win
    Form Model Binding
    Form Validation Simplified
    Fortrabbit Configuration
    Get it Done With Codeception
    Get Off MAMP
    Get to Work
    Git Workflow
    Global Query Scopes
    Gulp This
    Handle HTML Meta Tags
    Handling Unique Slugs in Laravel
    Hook Up Mandrill In Minutes
    How to Decrease File Sizes By 75%
    How to Triggers Tests On Save
    Image Manipulation
    Important Breaking Change in 4
    Incremental Validation
    Integrated Tests With Factories
    Intended Redirections
    Introducing Laravel Commander
    Introducing Laravel Liferaft
    Introducing Lumen
    Ironclad Queues
    Iterate Anything
    JavaScript Conveniences
    Just Handle It Already
    Laracasts, Crons, and Emails
    Laravel + Gulp
    Laravel and Angular
    Laravel and CSStyle
    Laravel Routing Best Practices
    Laravel Setup for Newbs
    Laravel Sydney Meetup Interview
    Laravel, PHPSpec, and Refactoring
    Leverage Events
    Logs, Queries, Timelines
    Make PHPStorm Pretty
    Managing Mass User Settings
    Mass Assignment
    Maybe You Should Use SQLite
    Migrations Decoded
    Mock That Thang
    Model Events
    Namespacing Primer
    Package Dev Best Practices
    Package Development
    Pass Data to Your JavaScript
    Password Resets in 4
    Password Resets
    PHP 5
    PHP's Password Hashing API
    PHPSpec is So Good
    PHPStorm Test Workflow
    Private Keys Go Here
    PSR-4 Autoloading
    Pusher Awesomeness
    Recurring Tasks the Laravel Way
    Refactoring Fun
    Refactoring, Exposing, and Consequences
    Regression Testing
    Reports and Graphs
    Repositories and Inheritance
    Repositories Simplified
    RESTful Forms
    Route Model Binding
    Sanitizers and PHPSpec
    Sass Readability
    Scopes, Repos, and Query Objects
    Search Essentials
    Seeds and Fakes
    Service Providers Decoded
    Small Objects and Refactoring Stories
    Small Objects Make Testing Easy
    Sorting Tabular Data
    Subscriptions With Stripe
    Supervise This
    Tail Log Files
    TDD by Example
    Tell, Don't Ask
    Test DBs in Memory
    Testing Crash-Course
    Testing Email
    Testing HTTP Requests
    Testing With Virtual File Systems
    The Failed Job Interrogation
    The Interface Necessity
    The IoC Container
    The Laravel Community
    The Remote Component
    The Repository Trap, and Other Ramblings
    The Unit Testing Facades Conundrum
    This is Pretty Darn Insanely Cool
    Tinkering With Boris
    To Mock External Services
    Transactional Emails with Campaign Monitor
    Trapping Your Email
    Understanding Joins
    Understanding REST
    Upgrading to Laravel 4
    Use Eloquent Outside of Laravel
    Users and Roles
    Vagrant and Laravel
    Vagrant and Sequel Pro
    Vagrant Simplified
    View Presenters From Scratch
    Vim + Laravel
    Whats New in TestDummy
    When to Interface
    Wildcard Subdomains
    You Must Use Composer
    Your Laravel Task Runner
    Zero to PostgreSQL

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