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Архив Книга ProgWriter[programmer + writer][ENG]

Тема в разделе "Неактивные складчины (архив)", создана пользователем BlackMan, 30 янв 2015.

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  1. BlackMan

    BlackMan Модератор

    ProgWriter [programmer + writer]

    Lessons learned on my path from ordinary developer to writer of multiple programming books—that sell
    Publish your first book and become a programmer that writes!


    Hi, I’m Azat, and as of this writing, I’ve created five books on programming (both self-published and traditionally published). And I want to share my experience with you so you can avoid mistakes, pick the easiest and fastest route to success, help others learn tech, and add a source of passive income. Publish your first book and become a programmer that writes, or simply progwriter!

    The ProgWriter resource will include materials on how to:
    • Conduct a proper research and identify trends
    • Produce a good book fast and easy
    • Apply the best tools and skills to tech writing
    • Structure well and use proper styles
    • Pre-sale and launch a book
    • Properly and effectively market a book


    Who This Book is For
    What This Book Is
    What This Book is Not
    How to Use the Book
    [*]My StoryHumble Beginnings [*]Learning Node.js [*]Mastering a Niche [*]Going Traditional [*]ProgWriterWhy Write Books [*]Why Write a Programming Book [*]Traditional vs. Self-Publishing [*]The Time Spent Writing [*]The ProgWriter Creative Process [*]WritingResearching The Topic [*]Technical Book Categories [*]Testing Your Topics [*]Writing The Manuscript [*]Markdown for The Win [*]Health [*]PublishingStructuring The Book Properly [*]Summarizing Chicago vs. AP Styles [*]My Style: Paragraphs, Lists, Asides [*]Dealing with Source Code and Figures [*]Editing, Design and Finding Help [*]MarketingSpread The Word [*]Have a Platform [*]Marketplace vs. Storefront [*]How to Improve Amazon Sales [*]Pricing [*]Packaging and Bundling [*]Upselling and Cross-selling [*]Launch [*]Things to Avoid [*]Support [*]Q&AShould I have a dedicated website? [*]Should I prepare a launch plan for my book? [*]How to market to other developers (some of them who think everything should be free) [*]What tools/programs should people use to write a technical book? [*]How do you go about the editing and proofreading? Do you have a technical editor and a normal editor? [*]Tips on topics or ideas to write about. [*]How to structure the book [*]How much to write each day [*]Techniques on list building, beyond just blogging [*]Should I create webinars? [*]What do you use to publish books on Amazon? [*]Successful ProgWriter SurveyOren Ellenbogen [*]Pedro Teixeira [*]Maksim Surguy [*]Manuel Kiessling [*]Outro [*]Appendix A: Markdown Cheatsheet [*]Appendix B: Tools and Services [*]Appendix C: Traditional Publishers [*]Appendix D: International Publishers
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