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Архив Книга о Deviant Moon Tarot от автора колоды (eng)

Тема в разделе "Неактивные складчины (архив)", создана пользователем Солнышко, 13 фев 2016.

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  1. Солнышко

    Солнышко Модератор

    Вот буквально на днях вышла книга Патрика Валенцы (Patrick Valenza) посвященная созданной им колоде Deviant Moon.

    Примеры описаний карт:

    Three of Wands

    Upon a grassy hill, an expectant mother anxiously awaits
    the blooming of three wands. A chunk of orange amber glows hot on her belt,
    signaling that birth is eminent. Having committed massive energy into the
    growth of this new life, she reflects on the journey that has brought her to
    this moment. Although she is hopeful for success, the number three represents
    unpredictability and the chance that things may not develop as imagined.

    A vine-like umbilical cord connects the young mother’s
    swollen belly to the wands. Her warm blood streams through this vital link,
    which nourishes the blooms and keeps them alive. Her exposed breast shows her
    readiness to foster the plants after they flower; however, she keeps her other
    breast tucked under her arm in a guarded fashion. This might imply that she has
    mixed feelings about the perpetual responsibilities that lie ahead.

    In the days before raising these wands from seed, the
    young mother was immature and wild. Nurturing something greater than herself
    taught her to focus on creation instead of destruction. She has flipped her
    fierce warrior mask around to the back like a cloak, revealing the caring side
    of her personality.

    From afar, the deviant moon imparts its spirit upon the
    buds with its silver breath. The young mother has done her part, and now the
    universe will complete this unique creation.


    Upright meanings:

    The Three of
    Wands represents the circulation of creativity from one form to another. Like a
    mother with child, your life force flows into your creations and sustains them
    until they can survive on their own. You have given so much to bring your ideas
    into existence, and they are flourishing brilliantly. Although this should be
    an exciting time for you, vicious thoughts of self-doubt run in the back of
    your mind. As you contemplate your efforts, you may be wondering if you planned
    well enough to ensure favorable results. Stop worrying and let your remarkable conceptions
    unfold naturally.


    Upside down, the Three of Wands says that a creative endeavor will go wrong
    despite your best attempts. While you meant well and tried to think of
    everything, the little mistakes you made along the way will compound into a
    tremendous failure. Regardless of any setback, you must remember that you did
    not waste your time. Learn from your errors, conceive a better plan, and try

    Perhaps the negative aspects of your character are getting the best of you,
    making it hard to concentrate on projects or see them to fruition. Realize that
    neglect or a lack of dedication may also lead to your creations demise.

    Unfortunately, this reversed card might predict a miscarriage or premature



    of Wands” -Rough Sketch-2007

    In this early variation, three
    impaled skulls mark the boundary between a pristine environment and a polluted
    industrial zone. Deadly toxins leached from the factories contaminate the water
    and encroach upon the countryside.
    King of Pentacles


    The stout King of Pentacles proudly displays the silvery emblem of his industrial dynasty. He is a powerful individual, who has worked diligently through the years to attain his status. Unlike other kings, he does not rest on his riches. He involves himself in every aspect of his kingdom, from major to menial tasks. Being a perfectionist, he often toils inside the factories alongside common laborers, making sure each product meets his strict specifications.

    The king's impressive crown of smokestacks shows that business is always foremost on his mind. Unfortunately, this preoccupation leaves little room for spirituality. The pressure gauge fixed in the crown’s center signifies mental stress, which is inherent to his position as an executive. When the meter gets too high, the king releases steam and converts his tension into useful energy.

    The king’s mighty suit of armor conveys his steely determination to succeed. He has fought hard to build his empire, and he will do anything necessary to maintain it. However, underneath that worn exterior, there may be a woman dying to break free! Such femininities include a studded kilt, high-heeled shoes, earrings, polished fingernails, and the dainty way in which his pinky sticks up. These attributes subtly express his soft caring nature, which he often has to hide when dealing with ruthless business competitors. One might also interpret the king as a female who has assumed masculine qualities in order to compete in a male dominated world.


    Upright meanings:

    The King of Pentacles signifies an enterprising figure that will likely become wealthy through his business ventures. This captain of industry is not only a strong administrator, but he is also an authority in his field. He is a wise investor and is proficient in all types of financial matters. Learn all you can from this shrewd character! Always look for ways to capitalize on unique opportunities. Be sure to set high standards and demand nothing short of excellence from yourself and others. By practicing self-discipline and control, you will be successful in everything you do.

    The card may also represent an organization that prospers because of skilled management. In a well-ordered establishment such as this, supervisors lead with integrity and strive to bring out the best in their workers.

    Reversed meanings:

    When reversed, the King of Pentacles often represents a materialistic person fueled by greed. Beware! This crook may try to swindle you out of your hard-earned money. He might disguise himself as an honest financial consultant or a sincere investor. In this position, the card could also signify a supervisor who exploits his underlings for profit.

    Perhaps you are the corrupt one! If so, you must realize that you are only cheating yourself! It is time to turn your dishonest values around, for your lust for gain will only cause you to lose your soul in the end!

    In this position, the king might also symbolize business mismanagement. A once promising venture will fail because of inefficiency, fraud, or unethical practices.



    I originally intended to use coins for this suit rather than pentacles. The borders of the cards were to be royal purple, and the images would have pictured wealthy citizens dressed in 18th century fashions. However, by the time I began working on them, I realized that the opulent theme I had planned, as well as the color palette, would have been similar to what I already created in the Suit of Cups. At that point, a dark, gritty, industrialized premise seized my imagination. Decaying factories replaced Arabic style palaces, and a blackened color theme absorbed the jeweled colors in darkness.

    Информация о книге

    • - Твердая обложка, 340 страниц
      - Издатель: U.S. Games Systems Inc. (November 1, 2015)
      - Язык: Английский
      - ISBN-10: 1572816872
      - ISBN-13: 978-1572816879
      - Размеры книги: 8 x 1.3 x 10.5 inches

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