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Приват joomla - Rewards Points Virtuemart 2.x

Тема в разделе "Плагины, модули, темы", создана пользователем d0ct0r, 29 янв 2016.

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    The new Virtuemart Reward Points extension manage reward points and loyalties in Joomla 2.5 with Virtuemart 2.

    Customers earn points from Virtuemart orders and/or product points and many activities. Many bonuses, for order quantity, frequency and support to earn more points during birthday time or 4 promotional periods, with daily exclusion. Points can be managed and changed to chips, easy and intuitive to use. Chips are handled in a module - so you can place in any page you need including the cart. Chips are coupon code, so you can even handle them as coupons. Chips can be re-converted to points to let customers to manage their piggy-bank, or simply put in the cart, to discount new orders. Chips works like a charm!

    When a customer makes a new order, he can earn new points. Calculations are based to order amount or the sum of product points. For order amount, you can handle 5 ratios to calculate the percentage from amount, based on 5 amount-thresholds. When changed, you can set 4 chips colors based on values. You can email activities with a new, very easy to use, multi-language email functionality.

    The Virtuemart Reward Points extension works as stand-alone extension, and it is also designed to be combined with the AlphaUserPoints component. We builded a robust hidden migrator from/to alphaPoints for those who want to obtain the best: rewarding friends, handling medals and combining Joomla activities to Virtuemart activities.

    A second simple way to use the reward points is to activate the "auto-chip" from the configuration page.

    Your customer earn new points that are immediately converted to a new chip, following your conversion rules. All new points earned will delete old chips and add their values with the new activity in a new chip, fresh, with new expiring date.

    This is the easy to use - immediate user point manager of the Virtuemart Reward Points

    No piggy headers, no reconvert-to-piggy-points option. You have just to enable the "auto-chips" options.

    Customers will always see... just one big chip, incremental, ready to use in the cart.

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