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Архив [Joomla] Avatar Slide Galleria - адаптивная галерея

Тема в разделе "Неактивные складчины (архив)", создана пользователем BlackMan, 22 янв 2015.

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  1. BlackMan

    BlackMan Модератор

    Avatar Slide Galleria Extension is a Joomla Slideshow is based on the Galleria plugin. Joomla photo gallery has responsive and swipe features for touch devices and a new experience with fullscreen feature.
    Версии Joomla2.5 и 3х, плагин и модуль

    • Responsive slider.
    • Support 3 theme (Classic/ August/ Semtember)
    • Slide image from Picasa, Flickr, Folder, PhocaGallery, JoomGallery
    • Load/Unload jQuery, choice version of jQuery
    • Auto resize to fit options.
    • Add Title, Description, URL for Image in local folder
    • Use arrows to next or previous slider.
    • Fullscreen mode
    • Transparent background on/off
    • Change Background, title, description color
    • Config number of products can be displayed.
    • Set width of module in pixel or percent.
    • Use arrows to next or previous slider.
    • Customize time display for one image and animation speed of effect.
    • Multi select image folder for slide.
    • Crop images to fit window true/flase/height/width/landscape/portrait
      • true means that all images will be scaled to fill the stage, centered and cropped.
      • false will scale down so the entire image fits.
      • height will scale the image to fill the height of the stage.
      • width will scale the image to fill the width of the stage.
      • landscape will fill up images that has landscape proportions, but scale portrait images to fit inside the container.
      • portrait is like landscape but the other way around.
    • Thumbnails based on width or height
    • On/Off : autoplay, counter, navigation, thumbnails, lightbox, image pan, copyright, fullscreen, progress…
    • Change image quality (for Picasa& Flickr).
    • and more
    • Compatibility : Joomla 2.5 & Joomla 3.x

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