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Скачать Искусство поцелуя

Тема в разделе "Соблазнение, пикап", создана пользователем InfoNews, 20 дек 2014.

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  1. InfoNews

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    Описание курса:​

    If you love to kiss, you owe it to yourself to see these two extraordinary how-to documentaries by William Cane, author of the best-seller The Art of Kissing. In ninety minutes of nonstop entertainment, Cane and a cast of teens show you how to kiss like the sexiest person alive. This DVD was produced and directed by William Cane so you know it's the latest word on kissing. It also contains the deluxe director's cut edition.

    Imagine being able to get someone to give you a series of kissing lessons for the low price of this DVD - an exceptional value!

    YOU'LL see real teens kissing, and then they'll talk to you right from the screen, telling you what they wish their partners would do, so that YOU know exactly how YOU should move YOUR tongue. After watching these movies, a whole new you will emerge. You'll become such a passionate, exciting, romantic kisser that your dates will cry tears of pleasure.

    Even if you've never kissed before, these movies will teach you so much that no one will ever know it's your first time. And experienced kissers will learn so many new secrets they'll amaze their partners.


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