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Архив [Графика] 100 готовых стилей оформления текста photoshop со скидкой 95%!

Тема в разделе "Неактивные складчины (архив)", создана пользователем BlackMan, 1 июн 2014.

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  1. BlackMan

    BlackMan Модератор

    Let’s face it – a customer will always appreciate the results a lot more than the effort. That’s why if you want to stand out as a designer, you must come up with top-quality designs in the fastest time possible.

    And that’s a lot tougher than it sounds. But this is why InkyDeals is here – to bring you deals that will help you save precious hours without charging you a fortune.

    And this deal is no exception. We’ve partnered with the guys from DesignTNT in order to bring you an unreleased collection of 100 professional text styles!These styles are meant to save you tons of time and effort and will help you change a design’s look in a matter of seconds!

    And only with this deal you can get these 100 amazing PS text styles for just $19 instead of their $150 value! Now that’s a steal!

    Or even better: with an extra $10 you can also get the 327 Styles Bundle, thus giving you the chance of having an amazing bundle of - styles at your fingertips!
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