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Активно [frontendmasters] Доступ к обучающим видео на 1 месяц

Тема в разделе "Доступ к платным ресурсам", создана пользователем Train, 27 авг 2016.

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  1. Train

    Train Команда форума

    Frontend Masters​

    Expert front-end training.
    Master building quality web interfaces.

    You've got the basics down and don't want to learn from teachers who just spoon feed you their google results -- you want to learn from the masters! Here, you get experts as teachers -- people who are actively shaping the industry like the creator of AngularJS, jQuery team members and the founder of JSON.

    Join thousands of front-end professionals and master JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3 and UI frameworks today!

    Большинство курсов сайта frontendmasters есть с паблике, но oсобый интерес представляют последние из появившихся курсов:

    - Four Semesters of Computer Science in 5 Hours/ Jul 12, 2016 by Brian Holt
    We’re going to tackle some big topics in just five hours: Algorithms and Big O Analysis, Recursion, Sorting, Data Structures and Functional Programming.

    What? Is that even possible? We’re sure as hell going to try! Since many of us are self taught and/or dropouts (myself included) we lack the advantages that a formal CS education can give. This additional theory can give us useful context to make tradeoffs in implementations and architectures;

    Learn Four Semesters of Computer Science in 5 Hours w/ Brian Holt

    - The Good Parts of JavaScript and the Web/ Jun 20, 2016 by Douglas Crockford
    In this course you will learn the history of JavaScript, the details of the language, with special attention on functions, which is where the power of the JavaScript language is hidden. There is also an overview of how browsers work, how servers work and security.

    Good Parts of JavaScript and the Web with Douglas Crockford

    - Component-Based Architecture in AngularJS 1.x and ES6/ Dec 30, 2015 by Scott Moss
    Master building web applications in Angular 1.x and ES6. With Angular 2 on the horizon, this is the best way to build Angular 1.x apps now to make sure they are ready to transition into 2.0 (if needed). This course will give you the ability to build angular apps with a modern approach.

    Learn Angular 1.x Component Architecture with ES6

    Планируется взять месячный доступ к сайту за 39$ и скачать интерисующие курси!

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