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Архив Файлообменник XFileSharing Pro

Тема в разделе "Неактивные складчины (архив)", создана пользователем BlackMan, 31 май 2014.

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  1. BlackMan

    BlackMan Модератор

    Отличный скрипт файлообменника



    Multiple files upload
    You can upload any number of files per one request. Set max number of files in config

    Unlimited upload file size
    You able to upload files as big as your server can handle, no software limits

    AJAX upload progress bar
    Using advanced AJAX technology to refresh current progress status: percents completed, current speed, estimate time

    Customizable Look and Feel
    You can totally customize your site editing HTML templates

    Multi-Server support
    Increase diskspace and bandwidth buying extra cheap servers

    Full UTF-8 support
    You can use any filenames/descriptions/folder names. They will be displayed and recognized correctly.

    Anti-dupes system
    You won't need to keep multiple copies of same file, our engine smartly detect dupes and use only one copy to save disk space

    RapidShare, Megaupload files upload support
    Upload files directly from RapidShare/Megaupload using your - external site account

    Remote URL upload
    Upload files from remote servers directly without using your machine traffic

    Affiliate system new
    Users receive - points from new registrations came from their affiliate and download links

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    Image mod
    Start image hosting site easily. Generated hotlinked images could be used on any external sites, forums.

    Video mod
    Fetching video info, creating a snapshot, embedding online divx/flash/windows media web players into download page.

    Video Ads
    Great mod to get real profit with online video player on your site.

    URL Leech mod
    Leech files from RapidShare/MegaUpload/NetLoad/HotFile. You should have - accounts to any of these sites to have this mod working.

    SmartPoints mod
    Set up custom amount of points per download depending on Filesize and Country of downloader.

    Torrents mod
    Using this mod you are able to upload torrent files to your server.

    Twitter mod
    Users can post links to Twitter instantly after they upload file to your site.

    Reports mod
    With this mod users are able to track their daily downloads/profit statistics.

    Payment Gateways mod
    With this mod you will be able to accept payments directly on your site using many popular payment gateways.

    Moderator mod
    You can choose one or some special users that will handle management stuff taking your time.

    Flash upload mod
    Choose multiple files with one selection. Just perfect for photo/mp3 uploads.

    Embedded Upload mod
    Put your tiny upload form directly to your site/forum.

    MP4/FLV Encoding mod
    Encode uploaded videos to MP4/FLV directly on your file servers.

    Archives mod
    You can remove password from RAR archives, delete/extract files from archives.

    Reseller mod
    Create reseller accounts with one click and earn even much from your site!

    Server GeoIP mod
    You can specify which file servers will be used for uploads from the specific countries

    Webmaster mod
    With this mod your users can earn using their websites

    Smart Plans mod
    PPS/PPD and Mixed earning plans for your users

    Desktop File Manager
    Desktop file upload and management tool for Windows and Mac OS

    Android File Manager
    Mobile file upload and management tool for Android phones and tablets

    Social mod
    Users can register, login and share files via Facebook, Twitter, Goole Plus and vk.com


    Логин/пасс: admin/admin​


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