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Открыто ESL Pod: Business

Тема в разделе "Иностранные языки", создана пользователем Нюша, 24 окт 2015.

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  1. Нюша

    Нюша Член Клуба

    From beauuutiful LA, California!!


    AUDIO: 5 hours 10 minutes
    LEARNING GUIDE: 121 pages
    ENGLISH LEVEL: Intermediate and up
    TYPE OF ENGLISH: American English

    This course teaches you both formal and informal business English needed to participate in business meeting. The course follows two meetings from start to finish:

    • - MEETING A is a formal meeting.
      - MEETING B is an informal meeting.
    The formal business English used in Meeting A is appropriate for important meetings, such as for presentations at conferences or at annual company meetings. The business English used in Meeting B is useful for smaller meetings, such as daily office meetings or for interacting with your co-workers.

    Parts of the Meetings

    • - LESSON 1 – Starting a meeting
      - LESSON 2 – Introducing the participants
      - LESSON 3 – Beginning a presentation/Outlining the agenda
      - LESSON 4 – Giving a presentation – Part A
      - LESSON 5 – Giving a presentation (talking about visuals) – Part B
      - LESSON 6 – Ending a presentation
      - LESSON 7 – Managing a discussion
      - LESSON 8 – Taking questions
      - LESSON 9 – Ending a topic/Planning for the future
      - LESSON 10 – Ending a meeting
    No matter what kind of meeting you attend or business you work in, this course covers important business vocabulary useful for anyone wanting to communicate better in an English-speaking professional setting.

    Note: This is an MP3 and PDF course you download immediately after purchasing; we do not send you physical books or CDs.


    AUDIO: 3 hours, 6 minutes
    ENGLISH LEVEL: Intermediate and above
    TYPE OF ENGLISH: American English

    This course is for anyone who wants to learn business English and how to communicate better with American business people. The course uses interview questions to introduce vocabulary useful for business situations, whether you want to get a job or to just be able to speak more easily with American businesses.


    - How best to answer this type of question in an American business setting; and
    - How to use the right words and phrases to say what you want in a professional situation.This course answers six of the most often-asked interview questions in American business. Each lesson addresses one of these questions, with important information about the best way to answer them and the language you need to do so. Each lesson begins with important tips, advice, and suggestions on what the question is really asking and the best way to answer it. These suggestions are practical and detailed, and can be used in any type of professional interview or conversation.


    AUDIO: 2 hours, 50 minutes
    LEARNING GUIDE: 82 pages
    ENGLISH LEVEL: Intermediate and up
    TYPE OF ENGLISH: American English

    Speak English at Work with Confidence

    Do you ever get nervous speaking English with your co-workers because you’re not sure what the “right” word or expression is? After listening to Using English at Work, you will be better able to speak and write business English. Get it right with this complete course in daily English for businesspeople like you!

    You’ll learn commonly used words and phrases that will help you succeed in English. The course includes 10 detailed lessons that describe each part of a typical workday. Learn vocabulary related to arriving at work, checking mail and email, attending office meetings, going to business lunches, handling computer problems, scheduling a meeting, meeting with your boss, and socializing with coworkers.

    Interview Questions Answered $24.99

    Using English at Work $19.99

    Total: $75 = 4750 рублей
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