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Архив Ember Data в жизни ( Ember Data in the Wild )

Тема в разделе "Неактивные складчины (архив)", создана пользователем Солнышко, 7 июл 2016.

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  1. Солнышко

    Солнышко Модератор


    Книга об одном из базовых пакетов в мире Ember.js - все подробности и тонкости Ember Data ( на ее базе построена библиотека jsData )
    Из книги можно узнать как настроить работу с нестандартным API, как содавать свои адаптеры и сериалайзеры, как вообще внутри устроен этот мощный инструмент

    Lots of books and tutorials start off teaching Ember with Ember Data. This is great, especially if you are in control of your API, but what if you aren't? You do a little research and start seeing terminology like adapters, serializers, transforms, and snapshots and quickly become overwhelmed. Maybe you've thought to yourself that Ember isn't for you. This was me when I first started with Ember. I wasn't in control of my APIs and the APIs I was using were not built using the Rails conventions. Well, if this sounds familiar, then this book is for you. My goal with this book is to take you from beginner to expert when working with Ember Data and learn how to adapt Ember Data to fit any API.
    Table of Contents

    • - Chapter 1 - Welcome
      • Why I Wrote This Book?
        - My Promise
        - Is This Book For Me?
        - Ember Data Snippets for Atom
        - Errata
        - Get in Touch

      - Chapter 2 - Ember Data Overview
      • Architectural Overview
        - Model Attributes and Transforms
        - Using the Store
        - Adapters
        - Relationships
        - Summary

      - Chapter 3 - Talking to APIs with Adapters
      • The REST Adapter
        - The JSON-API Adapter
        - The Active Model Adapter
        - Background Reloading
        - Overriding HTTP verbs
        - Summary

      - Chapter 4 - API Response Formats and Serializers
      • The Job of the Serializer
        - The JSON Serializer Format
        - The REST Serializer Format
        - The JSON-API Serializer Format
        - The Base Serializer
        - Using a Serializer
        - Summary

      - Chapter 5 - Common Adapter and Serializer Customizations
      • Changing the RESTful Path
        - Changing the URL for Certain Operations
        - Mapping Differently Named Payload Keys to Model Attributes
        - Mapping Foreign Keys to Relationships
        - Setting the Primary Key
        - Normalizing Responses
        - Normalizing Responses by Store Call
        - Normalizing Single Resource Objects
        - Summary

      - Chapter 6 - Writing Adapters and Serializers from Scratch
      • Setup
        - Finding All Records
        - Finding a Single Record
        - Creating Records
        - Updating a Record
        - Deleting a Record
        - Writing a Local Storage Adapter
        - Summary

      - Chapter 7 - Nested Resource Paths and Relationship Links
      - Chapter 8 - Working with Nested Data and Embedded Records
      • Declaring Attributes Without Transforms
        - Embedded Records
        - Summary

      - Chapter 9 - Handling Custom Error Responses
      • Validation Errors
        - Controlling the Invalid Status Code
        - Controlling Error Response Payloads
        - Adapter Errors
        - Summary

      - Chapter 10 - Testing Ember Data Customizations
      • Testing Indirectly with Acceptance Tests
        - Testing with moduleFor()
        - Testing Normalization with the Store
        - Testing Serialization with the Store
        - Summary

      - Chapter 11 - Goodbye

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