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Архив Easy E-Commerce Using Laravel and Stripe [ENG]

Тема в разделе "Неактивные складчины (архив)", создана пользователем Volchek, 30 май 2015.

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  1. Volchek

    Volchek Модератор

    Easy E-Commerce Using Laravel and Stripe
    Selling Products and Subscriptions
    BY W. Jason Gilmore AND Eric L. Barnes

    Easy E-Commerce Using Laravel and Stripe: Selling Products and Subscriptions is a comprehensive and entertaining guide to building an online store capable of selling both products (downloadable and physical) as well as subscriptions. In addition to learning how to integrate Cashier and Stripe, you'll build a store from the ground up, integrating a contact form, user accounts, a restricted area accessible only to registered users, and an administration interface for managing products and orders.

    Book Highlights

    • - Includes all of the source code to a real-world online store.
      - You will receive free updates as we continue to improve and expand the book and companion project.
      Learn how to integrate Stripe payment processing capabilities into a Laravel-powered website in a fun, entertaining, and unintimidating fashion by following along with the creation of a real-world project for a fictional company. Just don't get on company owner Mr. McDew's bad side!

      - Includes coverage of many concepts central to building an online store, such as how to build a product management interface and a one-time URL generator for downloading electronic products.
      - Written by bestselling author W. Jason Gilmore and Laravel News founder Eric L. Barnes, two industry veterans with more than 30 years of combined experience using the PHP language.

    • - Introduction
      • About the Book Project
        - Downloading the We Dew Lawns Project
        - About the Authors
        - Contact the Authors

      - Chapter 1. Creating the We Dew Lawns Website
      • Creating the We Dew Lawns Project
        - Creating the Project Layout
        - Integrating Less and Bootstrap
        - Creating the Home Page
        - Creating the About Us Page
        - Adding a Contact Form
        - Deploying the Website
        - The Project Presentation
        - Summary

      - Chapter 2. Integrating User Accounts
      • Integrating User Account Registration
        - Integrating User Authentication
        - Display a Greeting in the Layout Header
        - Creating and Restricting the Discount Controller
        - Signing Users Out of the Website
        - Recovering User Passwords
        - The Project Presentation
        - Summary

      - Chapter 3. Integrating Stripe and Creating a Product Catalog
      • Introducing Stripe
        - Introducing Cashier
        - Creating the Product Catalog
        - Creating an Administration Console
        - Summary

      - Chapter 4. Selling Electronic and Physical Products
      • Purchasing Products Using Stripe
        - The Project Presentation
        - Summary

      - Chapter 5. Selling Subscriptions
      • Defining the Subscription Plans
        - Integrating Plans into the Website
        - Integrating Stripe Into the Subscription Flow
        - Integrating Subscription Management Features
        - Listening to Events with Webhooks
        - Processing a Webhook Event
        - Creating Coupons
        - The Project Presentation
        - Summary


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