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Архив Design UI elements - создаем интерфейс пользователя в фотошопе

Тема в разделе "Неактивные складчины (архив)", создана пользователем InfoNews, 2 ноя 2014.

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  1. InfoNews

    InfoNews Модератор

    UI elements and UI kits are the most sought out things on the web by designers or front end developers. Every individual who's working on a huge website or a mobile app would definitely find uses for ui elements. Some designers go a step further and sell the ui elements online.

    Boost your Photoshop skills by taking this practical course on how to create a User interface elements. The course will take you through the process of creating user interface elements in Photoshop step by step. And as a bonus, you'll also get to download the User Interface elements of both web and mobile.

    In this course, we'll cover:
    • Planning
    • Choosing colors and fonts
    • Creating color swatches
    • And finally jumping to Photoshop and creating user interface elements
    The UI elements we are going to create are the following:
    1. Buttons
    2. Icons
    3. Progress bars
    4. Text Fields
    5. Check Boxes
    6. Radio Buttons
    7. Toggle switches
    Toggle switches are going to be created in 3 different styles by an easy way of learning to modify elements. The course gives you tools that will help you create any element with ease. I hope you enjoy and learn from this course.

    РАЗДЕЛ 1: Before we get started
    РАЗДЕЛ 2: Preparing the ground
    Planning our elements
    Choosing colors & fonts
    Creating color swatches
    РАЗДЕЛ 3: Starting with the UI elements
    Creating our first element
    Creating buttons in multiple colors
    Small buttons and Icons
    РАЗДЕЛ 4: Continuing with the elements
    Progress Bars
    Text fields
    Check boxes
    Radio buttons
    РАЗДЕЛ 5: Designing different styles of an element
    Toggle switch - Style One
    Toggle switch - Style Two
    Toggle switch - Style Three
    РАЗДЕЛ 6: Bonus
    Designing other elements and styles


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