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Архив [Craftsy] Поздравление Рисуем акварелью

Тема в разделе "Неактивные складчины (архив)", создана пользователем Солнышко, 8 фев 2016.

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  1. Солнышко

    Солнышко Модератор


    Watercolor Cards Made Simple with Deepti Malik
    Рисуем акварелью поздравительные открытки с Дипти Малик
    7 видеоуроков HD качества, субтитры на английском языке, рабочие материалы.
    Уровень: для продвинутых. Отличные отзывы.

    Lesson 1. Mastering Brushstrokes 24:18

    Meet card designer Deepti Malik and learn how simple it is to become a watercolor artist! Find out how different card weights, brush sizes and palette shapes can help you get the best results. Then, Deepti introduces you to a few brushstrokes that create gorgeous watercolor effects!

    Lesson 2. Applying Color: Flat Washes 26:10

    Discover a variety of techniques for applying striking color and a free-flowing watercolored look to your card base! Deepti shows you how to incorporate these techniques and more in your cards as you practice working with paints, stencils and stamps.

    Lesson 3. Soft Gradient Backgrounds 26:27

    Pull from the techniques you've learned to create stunning gradient effects! In this lesson, Deepti shows you how to softly blend out one color, add two or more into the mix, and even apply gradients to stamped images. Plus, see how breaking the rules can sometimes work in your favor.

    Lesson 4. Bold & Colorful Washes 19:16

    Variegated washes offer the chance to add bright, beautiful backgrounds to cards. Learn how to achieve this effect, and see how color choice makes all the difference as Deepti applies this technique to standout embossed resists and die-cut panels. Plus, discover how to mute colors with a bokeh effect.

    Lesson 5. Beautiful Watercolored Images 27:34

    Go beyond backgrounds and learn how easy it is to watercolor beautiful images! Learn how to add detail and shading to stamps, and even blend multiple colors. Then, take advantage of the intricate outlines provided by stamps and embossing — and perfect a technique that leaves you with no lines at all!

    Lesson 6. Dynamic Watercolor Effects 24:50
    Create stunning effects, including a starry sky, crisp stripes, a foamy beach and more! With Deepti's guidance, you'll learn how to achieve these effects, as well as how to add emphasis to stamped images with color glazing.

    Lesson 7. Textural Watercolor Techniques 19:07

    Use household items to add playful textures to your watercolor cards! Deepti shows you how to create fun effects such as cracks, speckles, cuts and clouds. You'll leave class inspired to put all these techniques to use with your card-making supplies!
    Цена со скидкой: 19.99 $.


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