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Тема в разделе "Программы, скрипты", создана пользователем Солнышко, 13 май 2016.

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  1. Солнышко

    Солнышко Команда форума


    FFTools Antidetect 6.47 crack by matrixa

    Покупаем крякнутую версию FFtools, у оффициального разработчика софт стоит 550$
    Оффициальный софт http://antidetect.net/

    Offer for sale FFtools 6.52 March 2016. Much has been done in all parts of the software, the list of innovations: New features:

    New hardware canvas fingerprint changer
    Some improvements of current canvas changer & webrtc changer added
    Change language in any config from shop
    Flash 20
    Data in generator renewed
    Added more than 200 configs in predefined
    Tabs reorganisation in antidetect and new config editors - better and pro view, javascript syntax highlight and useful helpers
    Antidetect core is renewed
    Fully renewed software structure - all is in one directory, no need to install anything, all is portable.
    Fresh flash with fonts replacer.
    Fresh browser properly configured for your work.
    A complete upgrade of the antidetect core. Were taken new configs, shot from the actual machines as closely as possible, at the moment there firefox, chrome & internet explorer.
    You can purchase a set of configs - costs $ 3 per one. We also will regularly add fresh configs to software.
    Best reviewes about new configs.
    Now one button configs are inserted, do not forget to choose the language
    Timezone changer, working in windows 7,8,10
    Canvas changer \ blocker in antidetect settings
    The AntiDetect (C) software will raise your income. Do you want to bypass ban systems which can detect your hardware fingeprint or\and your browser fingerprint? If yes - buy our product. There is so many factors to do it:

    trusted product from 2005 year, a lot of positive feedbacks
    we have configured vmware/vbox prepared for your work (ideal for noobies)
    freshest versions of software directly from developer
    lifetime support (icq, jabber)
    technical support which can access your pc through teamviewer and help you
    videomanuals and english-language readmes
    we speak english, of course
    PS: Цену указал с учётом расходов на гаранта.
    PSS: Софт специфичен, так что стит расчитывать на 5-15 человек

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