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Активно Advanced PHP CRUD application (3 базы в 3 строки)

Тема в разделе "Программы, скрипты", создана пользователем Train, 24 сен 2016.

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  1. Train

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    PDOCrud – Advanced PHP CRUD application (Database Management System)

    Данный скрипт позволяет создавать и отображать таблицы в 3 строчки кода. Поддерживает Mysql, Pgsql иSqlite. Поддержка PHP7.
    Подробнее в DEMO

    PDOCrud is an advance PHP based CRUD application. It supports Mysql, Pgsql and Sqlite database. By writing just 2-3 lines of code only, you can perform insert/update/delete and select operation. You just to need to create object and call for render function for that table and everything will be generated automatically. Form fields will be generated based on the data type. You can remove fields, change type of fields and can do various types of customization.



    • Very easy syntax and just 2 lines of code for default crud operations

    • - Multiple Skin support

    • - Supports left join operation

    • - Auto generation of insert/update forms directly from database tables

    • - Change label name, hide label

    • - Remove fields, Show particular fields, Change field type, change display order of fields easily

    • - Popup form

    • - Multistep form

    • - Export form data in pdf, xml, csv and excel

    • - Callback functions for PHP and Javascript

    • - Ajax based submission

    • - Addition of static fields like terms & condition, confirm password

    • - PHP and JS Validations

    • - Various settings and customization

    • - Field encryption for frontend

    • - Field addon, field description and tooltips

    • - Different type of template support, by default works with bootstrap

    • - Enqueue js and css

    • - Add plugins easily

    • - Many different types of fields available

    • - Multilanguage support

    • - Data binding of field from another table/ array

    • - Load dependent data on change of some field like on change of country, load states

    • - Normal, horizontal and inline form type available

    • - Add css class and various data attributes

    • - Support for rtl by adding external css

    • - Captcha support

    • - Google map support

    • - Best practices and easy to customized

    • - Login (Select) form validations
    Min requirement for the script
    PHP Version 5.3 and above
    Must have write access for download folder


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