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Архив AdultCamScript | Adult Cam Script

Тема в разделе "Неактивные складчины (архив)", создана пользователем BlackMan, 31 май 2014.

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  1. BlackMan

    BlackMan Модератор

    Предлагаю скинуться на этот скрипт(чат с вебками)
    Live Adult Webcam Script

    Version 1.4.3 Released!
    View All Features

    Powerful Adult Cam Script

    Pay To View Live Models
    Users can pay to view the live models in a private session or even in a group session.

    Earn Money From All Models
    Users pay models using credits they purchase (via Zombaio payment gateway). You can set how much credits you want to be worth one dollar for models. So if you charge users $100 for 100 credits then you pay models $1 for every 2 credits you will earn $50 on every $100 spent on credits by users.


    Adobe Flash Media Server Supported!
    AdultCamScript utilizes adobe flash media server for model's webcam streaming!


    Text and Video Chat
    Models can communicate with the users using both text chat as well as via their webcam!


    Models can stream their webcam in HD.
    Using Adobe Live Media Encoder models can stream their videos in HD to users. [View Demo]


    Admin Control Panel
    Advanced admini control panel to allow you to fully manage your website. [View Demo]


    IP Based User Banning
    Admins can ban user ips in the Admin Panel, blocking them from accessing the website.


    Supports Multiple Languages!
    You can switch between the available languages in Adult Cam Script, the #1 Adult Webcam Script.

    Easily add new languages by translating the language file.

    Why Use Adult Cam Script?

    Our Adult Webcam Script is the most advanced Live Adult Webcam Script loaded with features needed to create a successful paid live webcams website.

    • 100% Viewable PHP Source Code - The PHP source code is not encrypted.
    • Multiple language system supporting many languages.
    • Free Bug Fixes For Life!
    • Payment system! Accept payments using Zombaio!
    • Private Mode! Pay models to go into a private session.
    • Models can stream their webcam in HD.
    • Models can take their photo using their webcam.
    learn more about the features
    Recently Added Features
    What's New?

    • Add New Languages Yourself
      Now you can easily add new languages by translating the language file.
    • Tip Models
      New feature added to allow members to tip models.
    • Payment Gateway Added
      Support has been added for teh Zombaio payment gateway so you can accept payments using Zombaio.com
    • Admin Panel
      Administrators can manage the entire website from the advanced admin panel.
    • IP Banning
      Admins can ban IP addresses from the admin panel to permaneantly block users or models based on their IP.
    • Four (4) Pre-Loaded Languages
      AdultCamScript is pre-loaded with four (4) languages (English, Spanish, French and Russian). If you translate the language file to another language we will add it for you.

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