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Архив Admin Product Attributes management in bulks AJAX

Тема в разделе "Неактивные складчины (архив)", создана пользователем BlackMan, 31 май 2014.

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  1. BlackMan

    BlackMan Модератор

    Tired of adding attributes for products one by one? Now you don't have to waste the time. This module will increase your product attributes mapping by 100%. Now you can add multiple attributes at single shot.

    Add attributes for the products in fast & easy way to save your lot of time. Add multiple attributes at time to multiple products in same category. Manage your product's attribute in easy way. Handle lots of attributes for the products to speed up your work.

    -> Fetch the products using category dropdown and add the attributes.
    -> It shows the attributes available and the applied attributes with each product id and name.
    -> It displays product id, product name, product image, attributes available and applied attributes.
    -> It has option of searching the product by id or name in that particular category, the search is full of ajax and jQuery. First it will filter the existing page using jQuery if id or name is not found on that page then it will call ajax and will fetch the product in that category.
    -> It is having option of delete attributes, select the attributes from applied filters and then click on delete button.
    -> The interesting thing is copy attributes, you can add attributes for one product and can copy for the multiple products on same page. It will reduce the time of mapping the attributes again and again. For copy attributes, copy the attributes from the applied attributes and select the products form left hand side and just click on copy, the attributes will be applied.
    -> Pagination with ajax request and after clicking on pagination it will scroll to up so that you could see the products from top.
    -> This module is full of ajax and jquery. It reduces your time to map the products.
    -> No existing files is modified. Code is added through vQmod.
    -> More details of the module you can see in video demo.

    Цена: 800 руб.​

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