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Архив 2 книги по UX: Why we fail - Learning from Experience Design Failures - 2013 + Data Driven Design

Тема в разделе "Неактивные складчины (архив)", создана пользователем Volchek, 2 июн 2014.

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  1. Volchek

    Volchek Модератор

    Книга №1:
    Why we fail - Learning from Experience Design Failures
    Автор: Victor Lombardi

    Язык: английский

    Отличная книга про ошибки в дизайне интерактивных продуктов.

    Just as pilots and doctors improve by studying crash reports and postmortems, experience designers can improve by learning how customer experience failures cause products to fail in the marketplace. Rather than proselytizing a particular approach to design, Why We Fail holistically explores what teams actually built, why the products failed, and how we can learn from the past to avoid failure ourselves.

    Why We Fail will help you:

    1. Understand the key mistakes other teams have made so you don't repeat them
    2. Turn unavoidable failures into building blocks to be successful
    3. Create a team environment where failures are controlled and valuable
    Цена 26$

    Книга №2:
    Data Driven Design: How Today's Product Designer Approaches User Experience to Create Radically Innovative Digital Products

    Автор: Phillip A. Harris

    Язык: английский

    Digital designer, Phillip Harris takes a snapshot of his profession in a moment of radical change. In “Data Driven Design” Harris examines the shift from top-down design models to consumer-based methods that ask what users want and need. “Data Driven Design” covers user experience (UX) design in every phase, from initial thoughts, through prototypes, user feedback, online iterations, and finally, successful products. He shows how UX fits into the history of digital design, helping readers understand how we got here. From there he points the way to a future where the vast potentials of user experience promise to open up new worlds of possibility.

    Comprehensive, concise and entertaining, this is the best introduction a reader can get to a fast-changing field. Designers, their clients, and anyone else with an interest in how design happens, should read this timely book.
    Цена 9,5$

    Общая цена двух книг: 26$ + 9.5$ = 1200 рублей
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