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Архив 100 бизнес флаеров со скидкой 97%

Тема в разделе "Неактивные складчины (архив)", создана пользователем Солнышко, 4 май 2016.

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  1. Солнышко

    Солнышко Модератор

    100 бизнес флаеров со скидкой 97%
    Pack of 100 Attractive Business Flyers

    Of all the amazing ways to market your business, one of the most effective ways is business flyers. Yes, the humble flyer.
    It’s statistically proven that business flyers can positively convert 71% of customers to buy from you.
    But creating an eye-catchy and relevant flyer can be tough. Not any more!
    Today's deal gets you an awesome pack of attractive business flyers.
    These easy-to-use flyers with editable vector shapes & colors work well at spreading the work about offers & attracting new customers.
    Striking Features:

    100 Business Flyer Templates
    Fully customizable PSD files
    Easily change layouts, images & text
    300 DPI, CMYK color mode, size A4, 0.25”

    Grab this pack of beautiful business flyers for just $19 (DealClub $14.25)
    Flyers are everywhere. You see them on community bulletin boards, in your mailbox, and in shop windows. It’s also not uncommon to see them trampled on the street, in the trash, or buried under a pile of notes on a table. However, if the flyers do their job right, they can catch the attention of your intended market and get them to take action.
    Sneak peek into these amazing business flyers from DesignHub

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